Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Scraping the bottom of the barrel.

One day I might have some sewing to show you. Today is not that day. If it wasn't for Blogtoberfest I'd probably not even be posting today.  Sometimes it really feels like I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel to share with you.

Today in the post I got a new case with the intention of storing my camera lenses in it. Chief had one when he came down last week and even though he got his for transporting his kit about, I decided it would be useful for me to keep all my kit up together. One day I'll knock a random lens off of a table when I'm quilting and regret I hadn't found it a proper home.

When I took the case out of the box I had a slight: Oh Poop! moment when I thought it might actually be too small for my kit.

About to start

But once I got to pick and plucking at the pick and pluck foam, I discovered that it actually does fit all my kit.

Happy days!


  1. Jings, there's a few boab there, int there?! Better safe than smashed, I say!

  2. Nice lenses!!
    Oooh....pick and pluck , plick and puck,(!) try saying that over and over after a glass or two of vino, x

  3. Lol, glad brute force and ignorance won the day ;o)

  4. Blogtober is hard when you havent had the will to sew innit. Glad your case was a perfect fit tho!

  5. Never heard of pick and pluck before! What a sensible way to keep those goodies safe!

  6. But you didn't tell the photo geeks which lenses they actually are! :-) I have to say I have whittled my collection down A LOT, I have four at the moment and I'm trying to stay at that number...

  7. Pick and pluck foam. Sounds more fun than bubble wrap.

  8. Great case and I loved the mushrooms in the previous post. I think a macro lens might be on my Christmas list.


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