Sunday, 20 October 2013

'Shroom Season

As is usual when Chief and I get together we spent a lot of time out in the countryside over the last few days. Whilst the trees around here are only just starting to turn, there is evidence that we're well and truly into Autumn with all the berries and fruits around. One of the places we visited on Thursday was Shotover Country Park. It's a large public area between Wheatley and Headington in Oxfordshire.


We were just wandering around wondering if we'd see any Jays (we did but they were too elusive to photograph!) and I'd swapped my lens over to take some landscapey shots like the one above, when I said to Chief: "It's fungus/mushroom time of year. We may not see any birds, but maybe we'll see some fun fungus to photograph," when Chief said: "Ummm you're going to want to put your macro lens on and come and see what I've found." 

Fly Agaric (or fairy toadstools to you and me!) every where! 

Are there fairies in the forest?



Neither of us are great fungus experts. Although we found plenty of different kinds to photograph. Including one that looked like a bottom. 



The next day we headed off to Bernwood Forest and whilst Chief was still hoping to photograph a Jay and we did hear and see them, like Shotover the day before, they were too elusive.  I'd just commented on how there was not much fungus like at Shotover, when I spotted some and then lots. 






I am not that steady handed with my macro lens and especially in poor light levels. Unlike Chief I was not prepared to lie in the mud as I had the expensive outdoor coat on he bought me for my birthday and I really didn't want to get it all muddy and snagged. But I was happy with the shots I did get. 


  1. Incredible pictures of one of my least favourite things. Though even i think those fairy mushrooms are so cool!

  2. I think your photos are fantastic. I might need to buy a macro lens for my camera.

  3. Brilliant captures! Are you using any kind of flash here?

  4. I knew Chief was a 'fun guy' *groan*

  5. Ha ha to Anabellas comment :-) Brilliant photos Jan

  6. Great photos and yay for quality time down in the mud!

  7. Wonderful shots of those fungi!

  8. SEE I said this would not be boring xx anything but xx

  9. Great photos but I am especially in love with the first one.

  10. Loving the mushrooms, but laughing hysterically that you don't want to get your good outdoor coat muddy, surely that's what it's for? ;o)

  11. loved the photos, look like you and your funguy had fun with the fungi
    (sorry). We had several good walks in or over Shotover when the daughter lived in Headington, great place with spectacular views. (you could have borrowed the Chief's coat?)


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