Thursday, 3 October 2013

Smashing Pumpkins

If you read yesterday's this post then you'll know I was working on something distinctly orange that I didn't want to show any more of until I finished it. Now I know it gets frustrating when people blog about all kinds of stuff then don't share. I only said I'd keep it secret until the full reveal because I knew that I'd have the item finished today so you wouldn't have to wait long.

The other day I saw this picture over on Flickr. A pair of mug rugs made by Di (who I was fortunate to meet and have dinner with earlier this year when we both attended the FQR.) and it inspired me to make my own Autumn table runner. You see I have a pine chest of drawers in my sitting room (full of my fabric stash) and for a long while I've thought rather than have it become a clutter collecting place, I'd do little seasonal displays. It worked quite well of Christmas/winter when I got a lovely Christmas table runner in a flickr swap.

Festive Runner
made by oneygirl - Leona

In fact because it was wintery rather than full on Christmas, I decided to keep it in place until long past Valentines!  I had intended making a spring runner and placing little posies of primroses and violets in vintage containers. But life was conspiring against me for a good few months and I wasn't getting obligation sewing done, let alone sewing for myself.  I was determined to get stitching up for Autumn though.

So Tuesday, freshly back from the hospital with Mum I pulled out these fabrics and set about making some snow ball pumpkin blocks complete with stalks.

And realised how little orange I have!

I had some left over Essex linen (Stone?) from a bag project or two and decided this would be great back ground material. I ran out so couldn't sash the sides in it. As I wanted the runner to be a tad wider I dug out some gorgeous apple fabric I'm sure I won in a give away that Kerry had a few years ago. It really fits the Autumnal fruit/harvest feeling of this table runner.  By Tuesday evening I had it all made up and basted ready for quilting.

Smashing Pumpkins Table Runner

I called it a day there fully expecting to come back to it on Wednesday. However, yesterday was a pig of a day. I had the headache from hell. Induced I'm sure by some serious stress at work, that even painkillers didn't touch. By 8pm I'd gone to bed and decided I'd had enough of the day already.

This afternoon, after work I decided to crack on and get the runner finished. I had already decided I'd be hand quilting with a little orange perle. I bound the quilt in some brown fabric that would scare the pants off of Hadley, that's been in my stash forever. In fact everything in this make was straight from stash. I love those kinds of makes.

My Smashing Pumpkins table runner!

I can't remember what this fruity background fabric is. I've had it in my stash for a while. I had been thinking of making an apron with it. We won't look too closely at my stitching on the reverse. I am not very good at getting it neat on both sides!


When the runner is on the chest of drawers and the light is better I'll get a picture of it in place. One thing I didn't check though was sizing. I had 4 orange charms from a charm swap and so decided the basis of my pumpkins would be 5". I made the rest up as I went along and it ended up a tad wider than my chest of drawers. I managed to trim it down it down a bit, although once binding was on I lost a slice or two of pumpkin. It does mean there will only be a slight over hang though. I just got carried away. 

And now I have a 'Smashing' pumpkin table runner.


  1. Too much energy going on here! you are working too hard, but it is looking good!

  2. Best. Title. Ever!! And I do love your runner, great idea to have a wee place for seasonal pretties.

  3. Sorry about yesterday BUT adorable table runner! Well done!

  4. I think this is my favourite autumn runner that I have seen so far. Really like what you have done with it, especially as I am into orange at the moment.

  5. Love the table runner and the backing too!!

  6. Totally smashing! I love the pumpkins and your hand quilting looks great!

  7. Your week sounds like mine! I love that you still managed to get something awesome done!! I on the other hand did not. Love the runner.

  8. Very nice - never thought to decorate for Autumn before. I can cope with that brown xxx

  9. It's wonderful.
    I always fall in love with orange in the autumn.
    Thanks for linking up this week.x


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