Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Boring Wall and an Idea.

Today I've been cleaning the bathroom. Old houses, particularly those in the country get dustier and grimier quicker. Add that to my frequent predisposition to ignore housework and cleaning (and de-cluttering) it means when I do get around to it is never a five minute job. I still have more rooms to tackle. But not for today. One of the things you'd notice if you came into my house is how many of my house walls lack pictures. When I was renovating the house I decided to wait until all the rooms were done before deciding which pictures went where. I have an awful lot of pictures that need framing - which is never a cheap proposition. And even though Chief used to do a lot of picture framing he's not set up at the moment to do it. Add to that you simply cannot nail picture hooks into my walls unless you want a lot of chipped and cracked plaster and bent picture hooks. Each picture needs a screw and a rawl plug arrangement. That means getting my brother round with his tools and deciding exactly which picture needs to go where in advance. It just hasn't happened. But I have to say I do find having almost every wall in the house painted in either white or Orchid White (The Noughties equivalent of Magnolia) means that although the house is about as light as it's going to get, it's also lacking a certain cosiness.

I've been thinking a lot about this wall.

Boring Wall

The door on the left comes from the hallway into the dining area. The picture is taken looking through from the opening in the living room. I've always thought one day I'd put a big bright and cheery framed poster print on this wall. I just never decided on a picture I liked enough, and as you've probably gathered my track record with getting pictures framed is not great either.

Anyway, this weekend I had a flash of inspiration. What if I made a quilt and hung it here. Maybe a small medallion quilt or one of those quilts made up of all kinds of different randomly placed blocks that are not 100% matchy matchy but still look cohesive together. 

I just have to come up with a plan and add it to the list of things to do. That list is not getting any shorter. But really isn't this boring old wall just crying out for a quilt? 


  1. Yes quilt! Thanks what I'm doing with my house :)

  2. Firstly can I say how relieved I am to discover that old houses and particularly old houses in the country get dirtier quicker? That's me off the hook! Secondly I love the idea of a wall quilt and I love the face that we have seen the wall first so we can imagine where it's heading, but how to fix it?!

  3. Walls are made to have quilts hung on them :)

  4. Brilliant idea, something bright and cheerful and then when you want a change, make another one.


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