Thursday, 10 October 2013

Thursday Already?

Not sure where the past week has gone to. It seems to have flashed past in the blink of an eye. I have only really sewn a few more of these cross blocks. I sort of have a plan for them. Nothing definite, just the seed of an idea.

More Cross Blocks

I have worked out one of the reasons my sewing stalled is because I need a serious declutter and clean up. I am doing it by degrees, in bite sized chunks. I think when things are straighter I'll feel better about sewing. I certainly have plenty I could be getting on with. I have a bag request on the horizon too. I've had my arm twisted sort of. But in such a nice way I couldn't really say no. Bags are my favourite thing to make and I certainly don't need any myself right this moment, so it does give me a lovely excuse to play.

Also this week I've been acquiring vintage sheets/linen from various charity shops. It's amazing what looks tired and past-it in the charity shop, suddenly looks like precious treasure when it's been washed, ironed and folded.

Charity Shop Finds Laundered

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  1. Decluttering is definitely not one of my favourite activities, but I understand completely how clutter can smother your creative urges :)

    The vintage sheets look like real finds too!

  2. Acquiring sheets from charity shops is a great idea. I am looking for backing for a quilt at the moment and it is so expensive in quilt shops or on line. The cross blocks look like they could be very interesting...look forward to seeing what becomes of them. Dropping by from Brit Sewing linky.

  3. Great sheets, my local charity shops are very bare of nice sheets.
    I've just had an enormous clear-out/organise of my sewing stuff and although it nearly drove me mad, I'm now straight, know whats in progress and best of all where to find everything! I'm sure I spent half my sewing time searching for things!

  4. I *have* to stop going away in October, bloody Blogtoberfest gives everyone verbal diarrhoea and it takes forever to catch up!

    Anyway, well done on the sheet hunt, and glad you found an LQS

  5. Decluttering? very rude thing to suggest, Jan. Gives me the collywobbles just thinking about it! But, if it helps you sew some more, you better have at it!

  6. I wish I was more familiar with the concept of decluttering!

  7. The sheets really do look lovely all stacked together, but it would make me want to pull them all out to play! X

  8. Whenever I stall with sewing I always find a declutter (or literally tidying the table I sew at) helps. It can easily get overwhelming!


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