Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Tomorrow is my 8th Anniversary

Yes, tomorrow is the 8th Anniversary of my becoming a BookCrosser.  I first blogged about BookCrossing and what it's about here.  The unique thing about BookCrossing is, it was about the first website where a community that was first established online, migrated out into the real world, with bookcrossers meeting up both locally and globally.  Of course there has been many online communities since to do the same. Brit Quilt being just one and many 'real world' groups have a web presence as an add on to their offline activities.

This was my first ever BookCrossing meet up in Oxford. They used to have regularly monthly meet ups in Oxford and the organiser at the time was heavily involved with the Open University, so they were joint OUSA meet ups too. This was quite useful when I started studying with the OU myself.

My first ever BXIng Meet Up
Can you spot me listening intently?

Since this first meet up I've been to countless meet ups in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire. I have never been to a BookCrossing Convention or the unofficial UK Bookcrossing convention known as the UnCon. However, in 2015 the main BookCrossing Convention will come to Oxford so I'm fully intending to go to that. In fact I'm pretty excited about it.  

I used to be much more actively involved with the bookcrossing community than I am now. I'm not sure really why I drifted away from it. I think I was finding keeping up with the forums on BookCrossing UK time consuming and then a few years back they had a major overhaul of the BC website and it made it frustrating and difficult to use for quite a period. It must cost a fortune to run the website and yet it is all free to use. (Although there are paid subscriptions for people wishing to help the site continue.) I think we all find we move on to other things from time to time. Many people have commented about the sewing UK blogging community and how a lot of regulars just don't blog anymore or very infrequently.  

Bookcrossing was great for me for two reasons: 1) The friends I made, and 2) the way it reignited my love of reading. Sometimes it can be hard to know what to chose to read and where to go for recommendations. I discovered so much about what books were out there and through bookcrossing I became a voracious reader again, often across genres I'd never have been interested in before.  As you can see from the above picture and one below, at meet ups there are tables full of books people have read and want to pass on. You can often get a great read or recommendation and did I mention the books are free?!

One of the many book tables.

There are far too many bags of books around my house that need passing on so I've decided I need to be a bit more active with my bookcrossing and try and get back involved with the community before 2015. 

You can check out the website here: or my bookcrossing page here:

If you see anything on my 'availables' shelf you fancy feel free to drop me a line.


  1. Sadly, I have become a kindle convert. I love books but have been converted to my kindle by its ease of access, but I do miss the pages of a real book!

  2. I love the feel and smell (well mostly!!) of a book, I dont belong to a community such as yours but as a family we share books and I have 2 good friends who I exchange books with x sometimes enjoyable sometimes not so .. all part of the fun x Glad you feel ready to get more involved with the group ... and share your books around x Have fun when the meeting comes to you in 2015 x

  3. book crossing is a wonderful idea. I run a local book group and we use library books, but I buy a reasonable number of books, despite my job. I do swap with a friend and my father though.

  4. Life would be so boring without books. I always must have at least one on the go. Right now it is The Little Coffe Shop of Kabul. So far a great read.

  5. I love a proper book me - determined not to convert to technology!


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