Thursday, 21 November 2013

Honey Honey

It's that time of year when most of the sewing I am doing I can't share with you for fear of tipping people off to presents. I have however started a new project. It's an EPP project and I just got the mind to do it last night whilst browsing on Instagram and deciding I actually needed to buy some fabric.

I decided it would be good to have a project to do in front of the TV when I'm not up to doing much else and at least it might wean me off my addiction to Pet Rescue Saga on facebook. (Damn that level 145 where I can rescue the pets, but not get enough points to pass the level!)

After cutting myself 75 1.5" honeycomb papers I started getting out scraps and fat quarters that have the sort of feel I'm after.

Scraps ready for basting

I'm wanting something that has a vintage feel to it. Something that might be a family heirloom lovingly stitched together by some previous generation and yet at the same time being completely now too.

Basting in front of tv

It's quite satisfying basting on the sofa with the tv on in the back ground. I'm thinking I'd do a big central panel then some kind of fabric border.  The quilting is my least favourite part of the quilting process. So if this should happen to get bed sized I may just send it out to have it quilted. But that's a way off yet. I'm going to need a lot more than 75 papers for that!


  1. I love a good bit of EPP in front of the tv. Loving your fabrics

  2. Oh yes, I need to finish a some more bits and bobs then I am looking forward to an EPP sofa-based winter!

  3. Keep going. Epp is the most relaxing sewing. Do it in stages so you don't think of the immensity of it all.

  4. I love working cuddled on the couch in winter. Even here in FL.
    That looks like it's going to be gorgeous.

  5. A little handsewing in the wintertime is just perfect :)


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