Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Passing through

It's been a while so I thought I'd just pop in with an update post. I haven't even missed blogging and I've cut down a lot on blog reading too. (In fact I'm feeling more out of the loop than ever!) Of course it might be that I finally upgraded my phone and managed to get on instagram. For a total photo junkie like me it feeds me with a quick fix to take and of course view photos. Totally. Addicted. I tell you everything seems to be an instagram photo opportunity.

Old and New
The phone cosy I won from Sarah@FairyFaceDesigns is perfect for my new phone and even
Chief commented on how nice my case was!

Sewing still remains minimal. I've been making Buttercup bags though. This first one was filled with a few treats for Tanya who had a special milestone birthday. 

Finished and about to be wrapped ready for posting tomorrow.

The second is destined to be a prize for something coming up later in the month. I wasn't happy with the interfacing I used so I am hoping to get another bag made so there is a choice.

I got some thin iron on interfacing from seamstar but it feels papery and I think as well as rustling it's distorted the bag.

Chief and I had a night away last weekend. He'd come down on the Friday night and then as we couldn't check in until 3pm we went to explore a local reservoir where I'd heard you can often see a lot of diverse birds. The weather was pretty rubbish which meant it was difficult to get decent pictures of anything. We will go back though. We also spotted quite a few nice birds: Grey wagtail, kingfisher, red necked grebe and little grebe being the most notable.

Farmoor Reservoir
They do a lot of sailing on the reservoir. You can see in the 
background how murky it was.

Farmoor Reservoir

On the way home we decided to stop at the first pub we passed and after accidentally driving past one we chanced upon The Greyhound at Besselsleigh. We had the most fantastic lunch and have already decided we need to go back there. 

By the time we'd reached home to pick up our bags it was pretty much check in time. Despite getting the last room available at the hotel we were pleased to find we'd had a room upgrade. Chief had a problem with his ear and his doctor told him no swimming, sauna or steam room. So I went to the spa by myself for a bit.  We were going to stay in and order room service until we realised that if the hotel was really full, servicing the rooms with meals might not be a priority and it was quite a walk to our room and lukewarm food didn't appeal. So we headed off to Thame and ended up in the restaurant Chief and I first had a meal together: The Drunken Chef. It's a Chinese place that does lovely food. We ordered a set menu and really there was too much food and we left as much as we ate. 

Part of our feast at The Drunken Chef
This lot was the final of three courses!
That's a rare bit of Chief in the back ground.

At the Drunken Chef
The first picture Chief ever took of me was on his phone in 
the Drunken Chef, so he did another one to update it. This 
one was taken on my phone, so I can compare phone picture 

I will stop by intermittently to blog. Those of you on instagram can follow me there. I'm not sure how I tell you to find me. I'm isisjem over there too.


  1. Isn't IG the schnizzle? (check me, down wiv da street kidz. Boo-yah. *coughs*) That's a beautiful photo of you!! How ya finding the phone?

  2. a good weekend, I signed up for IG when I first got my iphone, but have no idea what to do with it. Must check it out!

  3. so glad you had a good weekend .. depite the weather xx

  4. IG is a very nice place to be. What camera do you use for your outdoor/wildlife shots. Love the pic of the boats

  5. I knew you would love IG. So pleased you got the phone and the night away with Chief.

  6. IG is great, love your photos.... we are still learning how to use our camera, so we have joined the local Camera Club.

  7. IG is great, love your photos.... we are still learning how to use our camera, so we have joined the local Camera Club.

  8. Glad you are having a wonderful time.

  9. It's all good when you have better things to do but blog xxx

  10. Sounds like the perfect weekend

  11. Hey fab to see my lovely bag here.... and sounds like you are busy having fund - much better than being busy stuck at the computer! x


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