Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Advent 10: Gone Knitting

Some dedicated readers may remember this post from the spring when I had a complete nightmare knitting with some yarn I'd bought from Ebay. I had purchased two balls of this type of wool and came across the other when I was doing my sewing room declutter. After my experience with twisting yarn earlier in the year I had wondered if I'd ever bother trying to knit with that brand of yarn again. However, I decided to give it a go. In less that two hours I'd knitted a scarf and no breaking off before the end of the ball. The only difference I can think of with how I approached this, was last time I remembered the paper band breaking around the ball quite soon after I'd started. I thought at the time, well that's OK it'll save me keep pulling lengths free from the ball. However, as this yarn is prone to twisting it's much better to keep the band around the ball come-what-may. So as it starts to twist you can hold up your knitting and let it swing around and untwist. When the band got far too big for the ever decreasing ball, I taped the band to make it smaller so it was once again a snug fit. I can't believe how much easier this was compared to last time!

I'm only showing you a sneaky peek as the light is poor hence the not very good colour and it's a present.

Look what I made

It feels satisfying to have at least made something as I've snuggled on the sofa. 


  1. Excellent - so good when it all turns out ok xxx

  2. Glad you managed to beat it into submission in the end!

  3. a real labour of love but worthwhile

  4. good for you for having another go ... and winning xx


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