Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Advent 11: An unexpected Thank You

The other week I had an unexpected afternoon spent photographing the children of a colleague. They'd offered to pay me. But I am not a professional photographer and said I would do it as a favour. After all I was getting to practise my photography skills in an area I'd not normally have chance to.

I have to say I had a nerve racking time after I'd handed the digital files over, as the colleague who asked me was pretty much out of the office for the rest of the week. I was lucky if I got to say 'Hi and Bye' as we passed in the office.

Yesterday he mentioned he had something in the car for me that he mustn't forget to bring in. He then took the car into the garage where it spent a good chunk of the day getting repaired. Today, he brought in this bag.

I'm glad the orchid survived the car going to the garage!

His wife had put together a little goody bag as a thank you for taking the pictures. Which according to the thank you card they liked. (Phew!)

An Orchid, Chocolates and Body Lotion

What a lovely surprise on a grey miserable foggy day! 


  1. well done x that is a lovely thank you bag xx

  2. A lovely way to be thanked, and phew after being left in suspense whether they liked it ;-)

  3. nice to have it acknowledged and of course they would have loved the photos!


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