Thursday, 12 December 2013

Advent 12: Are you a no-reply blogger?

Do you often comment on my blog and never get a reply?  There is a reason. Your settings mean you're a no reply blogger. This means that when I get an email notification of your comment and go to hit 'reply' that reply is going nowhere rather than back to you.

simply square button

Chances are you leave comments and wonder why on earth I never respond or maybe you may prefer it that way. But it makes me sad I can't answer questions direct and maybe leaving you feeling...well a little unheard and unloved. In fact I sometimes am so keen to answer I hit the reply button and respond anyway and it's only at some point in the future I twig that my email is probably just going out in to the great ether.  

So if you are regularly commenting on blogs and wondering why people never respond to you, take a moment to go this blog and find out more about no-reply blogging.

And thank you to everyone who does take the time to comment, offer advice or just stop by to say "hi". Even when life is really hectic and I don't get to answer every single comment, I certainly read them all and appreciate them. 


  1. I just assumer I've posted one offensive comment too far ;o)

  2. So many people are not aware that google+ switches their settings on a regular basis too. That's why I stopped using it, every two or three months I would go no reply again.

  3. I am not a no-reply blogger (I checked) but there are a surprising number of people who are. Thanks for raising the issue! And people, please check your own settings now and then...


Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I read every single one and love hearing what you have to say. I do my best to reply to every comment. Although sometimes that's not possible. :-)

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