Sunday, 15 December 2013

Advent 13, 14 &15: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It's up! I could tell you I have not been blogging for the last two days because it's taken that long to put the tree up. The reality is I didn't have anything interesting to say. Or at least those things that were interesting were not photographed, so not interestingly  blogable.

Deoorating the Tree 2013

I can't take credit for this years tree as my niece did it. I just sat on the floor unwrapping decorations that fitted in with this years scheme. We were going for a modern silver/purple/white combo with retro touches. Yep, a complete mash up.  There are just some decorations I can't bear not to put on the tree.

Decorating the Tree 2013

I put a Christmas jumper on for the event. I suspect this is the last year we'll put up a big tree. A small house and a fat tree mean furniture has to be moved and stuff reorganised. It is feeling a lot more like Christmas around here. I have a very busy week coming up and have had to pretty much accept I will not be sewing again this side of Christmas. Maybe not this side of the New Year. Which is kind of a shame because I had intended making some new Christmas place mats. It feels all of this year I've been behind on what I wanted to be doing sewing wise. I hope I find my sewing groove properly in 2014.  I've not found sewing so enjoyable with all this stop-start business.


  1. The tree is beautiful and i love your jumper! The trend for Christmas jumpers was even on the news the other day!

  2. Tree's looking good! We will have a 1ft one at my gran's. It doesn't take long to decorate ;o)

  3. And following on from what Lucy says, Christmas jumpers were also featured on the sewing bee tonight. Hope 2014 provides loads of sewing opportunities

  4. Pretty tree and very pretty niece. I'm knackered with Christmas sewing so I'm looking forward to sewing just for me soon!

  5. Looking very festive! Mismatched decorations are always the best, especially when it includes precious ones :D

  6. Super tree- I think the furniture moving is well worth it!
    Do not stress on the sewing, it will happen when the time is right!



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