Monday, 2 December 2013

Advent 2: Not the afternoon I was expecting.

I was sat at work this morning when a colleague asked me if I could do him a favour. Or rather could me and my camera do him a favour. I did one of those raised eye brow things and said: "Ok but I'm not going up on any ladders or onto roofs." (Last time he wanted my photography skills he wanted me on a roof taking pictures of solar panels. I'd literally only got the camera that week and DSLR's were new territory to me.)

What he wanted was some pictures of his gorgeous girls (all 5 and under) with the plan of doing photographic Christmas presents for various family members.  It seemed like a good opportunity to practise my camera skills. He then arranged for me to visit this afternoon after work.

I got home from work and had a little stress. What do I know about photographing people let alone children?! The light is appalling this time of year. I don't own an external flash yet. Flash would probably scare small children anyway. OH. EMM. GEEE. what had I agreed to?

There were panic texts to Chief who said, "practise on your mother". Which I did. On the agreement I didn't post her pictures on the internet. They were pretty crap. I texted Chief back with my issue and he gave me some camera settings to try. "You'll have to go to full manual though", he said casually.

So I set off without really much time to think about it  much further.

Luckily all the girls knew me a bit at least. The eldest was happy being the model. The middle one up for it too. The youngest one was just not that interested. Oh the pressure!

I'm not going to show pictures of other peoples children here; but on the whole, all things considered, I'm ok with the results. I have critiqued them a lot. And know what I'd do differently another time...should anyone ask.  I keep telling myself that this is all totally new to me and really I shouldn't be so fussy.

Tomorrow I'll find out what the parents think. Wish me luck!


  1. Would you have preferred the roof option again? Well done and fingers crossed for tomorrow

  2. You take such beautiful photos of birds and such, but people are much more complicated. I am sure your pictures are far better than the dad could have done and good for you for giving it a try.

  3. good luck.. and STOP weriting xx just let the kids be themselves .. and have fun

  4. Good luck with that! That's my worst nightmare, and I've always managed to wriggle out of these things so far (she says, helpfully ;o) )

  5. i'm quite sure they will be fine and the parents will love them :)

  6. I thought the rule of thumb was never work with children or animals? ;-)

    I am sure you got some great photos in there. The wonderful thing about digital is you can keep snapping away without freaking about film useage and already having an idea how things are going.

  7. How lovely to be asked!! I work on the basis that if you take enough you'll get a good one :)

  8. Is well done, how great to be asked

  9. Well done for trying! I am sure you got some lovely ones out of the many you took. And they must have some confidence in your ability to ask you in the first place.


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