Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Advent 3: Forever Winning?

Last week I won not one, but two prizes. One from the lovely Reene (more about that another time - thanks again Reene!) and the other from Alison over at Silicon Bullet Forever.  A while back I'd entered a give away on Facebook to win some Aloe Lips by Forever Living.  I'm always up for trying a product that will keep my lips soft and conditioned. I used to be someone who wore lipstick no matter what.  Then I started noticing that some lipsticks made my lips so dry and sore it felt like someone had taken a sander to them and rubbed off a good layer of skin.  It was horrible and I can't blame cheap lipsticks because it seemed any lipstick: cheap or pricey could cause me issues. Most lip salve has had a similar effect, so I'm forever on the look out for one that does what I want it to: condition my lips and stop them being dry, painful or sore.


 Alison also told me it's not just good for lips. Aloe lips can be used on cuts, bites, burns and scratches. She also mentioned some of her customers had told her it was good for soothing...um...piles!  I joked I'd definitely be using it on my lips and not piles! (I don't have piles!) When my winnings arrived Alison suggested I proved it was for use on my lips. (She was probably really grateful I wasn't going to use it on piles and provide photographic evidence!)  So I decided to try some selfies with my mobile. But apart from accidentally taking an arty shot of a lamp, I didn't do very well. I handed the phone over to my mum (not renown for her phone use, let alone her photography skills.) and the best she could do was this action shot of me applying the Aloe Lips.

When selfies failed I put mum in charge.  My forever living prize in use

I've been using the product all week. I don't have to keep replying it. It has a lovely texture, smell and taste and this will now be my go to lip salve product.

To find out more about Forever Living why not pop over to the Silicon Bullet Forever Facebook Page? There are details of all the Forever Living Products as well as Aloe Lips.

Ps. This is not a sponsored blog post. I won and thought I'd tell you all about my winnings!


  1. I've used forever living products and they're all great! Congrats on your wins!

  2. Sounds like you found the perfect lip salve :) I was amused at the trouble of taking a photo .... last time mum and I went to Gloucester we wanted a photo of the Tailor of Gloucester shop, but the dynamic duo of me who couldn't see so had never used the camera on my phone, plus mum who had never used the camera on her phone .... let's just say we didn't get very far lol! Hope your piles are better soon ;) ... in related news I have also heard that models use pile cream for their faces because it keeps the skin tight - just one more random fact you never wanted to know, haha.

  3. Ha, bless your mum and her photography skills :oD

    I just use Nivea soft on my lips, a teeny bit at a time. It was something I saw recommended by a makeup artist on a daytime makeover show when I was at uni, which, along with applying conditioner to the ends of my hair up rather than top down is the only advice on beauty I've ever followed lol

  4. it sounds good stuff. My lips peel constantly in the winter and my daughter bought me the Elizabeth Arden lip salve protector thing, expensive but brilliant. I once bought a Clarins bust uplift gel which apparently some actors used as a temporary facelift. I hated the smell and eventually threw it out.


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