Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Advent 4: The Jobs that Must be Done

Sorting out Christmas cards.  Is it bad I'm leaving some until the last minute in case people die?

I am doing chores today. Christmas related ones. Like:

  • Trying to find the Christmas labels because I've been wrapping presents, as they arrived and assumed I'd remember what they were and who they were for, only now I'm not so sure.
  • Writing the rest of the Christmas cards. Started ages ago and got bored. Mum kindly addressed a few envelopes for me while I was at work today, but says I do have to finish writing the rest of the actual cards.
  • Thinking really hard what to buy some people because I still just don't know.
  • Getting ready for post all the various parcels type thingies I need to drop off at the PO
And all the while I'm doing it I'm making a dent in these...

They were meant for Christmas.  I just can't wait that long

...which were meant for Christmas.

I'm trying not to get too freaked out by how close Christmas is and how much I still have to do.

Are you prepared or just about to implode at the thought of all you have to do?


  1. I'm sure that "they" move Christmas every year so that it gets here earlier!! I think writting the cards is the job I realy HATE xx

  2. I am always really organised and get a lot done early, then suddenly it is December and I panic like mad about the rest and slowly start to unravel my sanity. Good luck!

  3. Ha! That ambassador is really spoiling you! *g* Christmas cards - my nemesis! I hates writing them...

  4. I went over to my gran's last night and wrote all her envelopes for her, so she rewarded me with drinking money for the Christmas night out on Friday :oD

  5. took all my Christmas cards out of their respective boxes today, and that was as far as it went. I still think it is really another 2 months to Christmas.

  6. So not ready and don't think I will ever be. Throwing a party on saturday....

  7. I prepare for Christmas mentally every year and it still leaps out and scrares the hell out of me and I am yet again, woefully unprepared.

  8. Well done you, I'm rubbish at sending Christmas cards - I think we managed one last year! Ready? No, although my brother is visiting on Sunday so I've made sure the birthday and Christmas gifts are done for his children. I did ask him 2 weeks ago via email about their favourite colours so I could make to suit - he emailed back tonight! So they'll be getting things that are not pink or blue!


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