Thursday, 5 December 2013

Advent 5: Velveteen Infinity Scarf

This afternoon has ended up different to how I expected. (It is beginning to be that kind of week.) I had had a mouth related niggle for the past few days and I was concerned I was going to develop a full on tooth ache just as my dental practice is shut for the weekend. So I managed to get seen this afternoon. An X-ray was taken and advice given but it seems my gum is irritated in that area and that's what's causing the issues. It may have cost me a price of a nice bundle of fabric from somewhere. But it's money well spent for peace of mind and hopefully the easing of symptoms. It has meant though I haven't been able to get a decent picture of the velveteen and voile scarf I finished yesterday.

It would be a bit of an exaggeration to say the office where I work is the coldest on the planet. But I have rarely been warm in there during the last few winters unless I have quite a few layers on and a cosy scarf around my neck. Out of all the scarves I have nine times out of ten I reach for one of the flannel and voile infinity scarves I made a couple of years ago.

Back in the summer when Pink Castle had some kind of deal on, I stocked up on a few fabric bits including two half yard cuts of velveteen.


When it arrived I thought the pink would get a lot of wear in an infinity scarf. I don't tend to wear a lot of pink but I liked the way the pale pink contrasted with the other colours in the print. However, I looked at the brown and couldn't see when I'd use it. I didn't think the colours would suit me and as I'd made so many people infinity flannel scarves in the past I wasn't sure who'd appreciate a velveteen version. I added both pieces of Velveteen to my stash and started looking out for some voile to go with the pink velveteen.

Who knew that finding voile would be so difficult. I trawled the UK shops and in the end I bought this voile from Pink Castle fabrics. I can't remember who makes this voile; it's not Anna Maria Horner. 

The blue fabric on top is voile.

When it arrived I didn't like it. I don't like the texture/hand of the fabric. I guess AMH has spoiled us with her buttery soft voile, which reminds me of Liberty Tana Lawn.  I added this voile to my stash thinking that was another mistake purchase.

Fast forward to last week and a chance comment on Instagram. I had velveteen and no voile and Mary had no velveteen and a stash of voile and suggested a swap. I thought I'd best show her a snap of the velveteen first in case she didn't like it! Luckily she did and she had a great selection of voile for me to choose from.

Due to my sewing clear out it's taken me a few days to get sewing, but I have. Thanks to the swap with Mary I now have a lovely snuggly velveteen scarf to add to my winter wardrobe.

Ignore my blotchy chin. I finished my velveteen and voile scarf
Excuse last nights IG picture the light is appalling now so I won't be able to better it.

Now I wonder if I can find anyone to swap me something for that blue voile?!


  1. Would you share the pattern for your scarf?

  2. Looks great, so glad it worked out well. I have often thought of trying to make one of these. Do you follow a tutorial or pattern?

  3. love it! I have one in the same velveteen and I wear it from November to March!

  4. you should be nice and walm now xx ..hopefully x

  5. Yay for swaps! My mum remembers when I was little she knitted my brothers brown jumpers and I begged her for one, against her better judgement she made one and was amazed at how much it suited me. Now I need to do some work on the scarf I've made but am not happy with!
    P.S. Saints and Pinners have voile and 20% off - just saying

  6. Yay for velveteen infinity scarves! I made myself one this year too and I love it...

  7. my work is cold too, so wear a scarf most days. I have never had an infinity scarf though

  8. Your scarf is so pretty, I am glad you found the right fabric for you.

  9. yay - so nice that you could swap with Mary :-) The scarf looks fantastic.

  10. Great idea to do a swap, love the end result


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