Friday, 20 December 2013

Advent: Oopsy

The title of this blog post refers to my not realising that I hadn't done an advent post for five days! Oopsy. I had intended at least doing three day round ups. There has been much going on around here, although no sewing. It seems there are lots of people to catch up with and places to go in the run up to Christmas.

Chief came down on Wednesday night because we will not be spending Christmas together and we wanted to sneak in one last visit before the big day. The weather was horrendous for travelling and he picked up a take away on his way in.

Take away time

I'm showing you the take away because you'll see a rare sight. My dining room table devoid of sewing stuff. You can just spot the machine covered up in the back ground. I doubt I'll sew this side of Christmas. 

Chief stayed over and we went to Otmoor and did a lot of walking and taking pictures. I haven't sorted mine yet. I had borrowed a 'big' lens of Chief, which whilst it wasn't as bad to carry as I thought, I did have Chief to carry my camera bag and I need to work on lifting it up to take pictures without wobbling it too much.

Fieldfare feeding on berries

I did like this picture I took at the top of our road of a fieldfare enjoying the berries. 

I'm off out gadding tonight. A meal out with a friend who was recently 40 so we are having a joint Christmas/Birthday get together. Hope you all have great weekends and if I don't sneak back with a post before Christmas. Merry Christmas!


  1. Oh boo to not having Christmas with Chief but glad you got some time together. Hope you have a good gad this evening :)

  2. Going out?! Anyone would think it was nearly Christmas ;o)

    Glad you and Chief could get together anyway

  3. have a great gad! It is very good for you!

  4. so glad you managed to get some time to=gether x enjoy your night out x Have a wonderful time with your mum at Christmas x

  5. I'm glad you got a bit of time with Chief, albeit brief. And have a good gad tonight and a cool yule!


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