Saturday, 28 December 2013

Leaving 2013 behind and 10 Things I've learnt this year.

So how as Christmas? Did you have a good one?! I did and I hope you all did too. But now it's over it's that betwixmas time when I feel that the year is all but over, and before I start to look forward in earnest, I look back.

So what did I learn this year, creatively speaking?

1. I am not super human. OK so I never really thought I was. From November 2012 right through to November 2013 life threw all kinds of things at me and sometimes I was left wanting. I left one bee I was in when it came to it's end and regretfully left the other bee part way through. It was not an easy decision to make.  Letting people down is not a nice feeling. It's all too easy for people to say get your bee commitments sorted at the start of the month and avoid the stress when life gets hectic later in the month. But what if life is busy or your ill at the start of the month and doesn't let up from one month to the next? I tried to scale back other commitments too. Like I say, letting people down is no fun for anyone.

2. Most people were lovely if I was late or messed up commitments. To those who were not. I think it speaks more about your inadequacies rather than mine.

3. Vintage Sheets Rock! Mary has completely converted me. The first quilt I finished this year was made entirely from vintage sheets. I am already looking for ideas for my second and can't walk past a charity shop without checking to see what they have in the way of vintage bedding. I even dream I've found good sheets in charity shops!

4. HST's are the easiest thing in the world for me to stuff up. Ask me how I know. Or rather don't. I can't bear to think about it. Which is a shame because I've always wanted to make a traditional HST value quilt using left over charms and fabric entirely from stash.

5. Shaukat made me hyperventilate. I don't get into bricks and mortar fabric shops very often. I knew it would be good. I just didn't know it would be that good. I need to go back. I want to visit more bricks and mortar fabric shops.

6. Fat Quarterly Retreat was not what I expected. Not for the good stuff that happened or the not so good.

7. Sorting my WIP's during my recent declutter so they each have their own plastic bag and then putting them all in one big basket has shown me I have far more WIP's than I realised.

8. I am completely converted to Aurifil. (And probably the only person in blogland left to win one or score in a goody bag one of those sample packs.)

9. I learnt what a frixion pen is.

10. I am best not to make plans about what I will or won't make. The moment I do it doesn't go to plan. Like when I said I'd not be sewing before Christmas and then hand stitched these together. They're destined to become a cushion cover.

Just a few bits to sew. But should I go bigger or sash what I've done so far?

So here's to a fantastic 2014 - for us all! I have a milestone birthday coming up next month and I intend to drag out the celebrations all year. Doing something every month at least. I hope to fit some sewing in amongst the fun too. 


  1. Totally with you on #4, and I was literally with you for #5 ;o) As for #6, what do you mean? You weren't expecting to be sharing a room with someone binding at 1 am? ;o)

    Hope you have a great birthday year!

  2. Maybe I should send you one of my hst bloc loc rulers for your milestone birthday present and then you will be able to make a value quilt?? I think you have an interesting list.

  3. Well those are some good and not so good lessons! The hexies look great and i hope 2014 is wonderful for you!

  4. looking back is OK and does help to get perspective .. but moving forwards and taking those lessons with you is much MORE funx Did you know that in 2014 the NEW year coincides with a NEW moon .. not happened for 19 years ... so your BIG birthday could not come at a better time xx Have FUN xx

  5. I missed out on no5, didn't get there- perhaps a good thing?
    no6, Yup, agreed, not quite what I anticipated..
    no8, no I haven't won one either.. Yet to try it..

    no7- join Lazy bums...

    no9 magic, isn't it?

    but.. do not trace your applique onto the bondaweb, and then iron it nto the fabric... ask me how I know?...

  6. give those buggers in no.2 a slap from me!
    Happy New Year!

  7. I haven't had aurifil yet either, or tried a frixion pen! Happy 2014 xx

  8. Very interesting post. I've always loved your work and your blog. I learned some of the same things this past year......especially about bees. Take care and I look forward to following you in 2014.

  9. Living and learning all the time. Sometimes it is good, sometimes not. But we are always moving forwards.

  10. Isn't it odd how even at our age people still shock and disappoint us? But you are due a fabulous year and what better than a big ol' birthday to start it off? 2014 - bring it on!!

  11. Thanks for sharing, a great way to review the year, it's certainly got me thinking. Glad too to have you on board with the vintage sheet obsession!

  12. thanks for sharing. Reflections are always good - I need to do more of it! Have enjoyed reading your blog this year - hope 2014 is a great year for you :-)

  13. An enjoyable read...although you should have expanded on point 6 more ;-)


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