Sunday, 12 January 2014

Because she knows where I live

Finish Along 2014
Last year I think I only signed up to the Finish Along for the final quarter. I didn't see any point in linking up earlier in the year because my life was so crazy and I knew the chances of me doing anything I put on the list was remote and it just felt like I was putting myself under pointless pressure. I may have been a little optimistic and thought I could get my act together for the final quarter at least.  I was wrong. Epic fail. So much so I thought I wouldn't bother linking up again with the FAL...then I found out who the new year host would be.  Katy from The Littlest Thistle. Not only would she kick my butt if I didn't sign up, but she knows where I live. So the chances are my butt will get kicked if I fail to finish at least one thing!
I certainly need a kick up the butt though to get through this lot. This is all my WIP piles save one that's hanging over the back of a chair in the dining room.
Wip shame!

So in for a penny in for a pound.  

1) A quilt for Chief - started this afternoon. I'd post a picture but I can't get it to link from IG and I don't want to post it to Flickr because Chief sees all my flickr pics! Here is the pic.  It was going to be a giant star quilt but I totally miscalculated how much fabric I'd need. There is another sneaky pic here. (It's just really large squares randomly sewn together.)

2) Seeing as I'm making for Chief maybe I can get the camera cushions made for the hide.  It would certainly be good to shift some of those poly balls!


3) Oh and it would be good to finally get that Aeroplane Bag made.

Aeroplane Bag

4) I would also like to turn these hexies into a cushion cover.

Just a few bits to sew. But should I go bigger or sash what I've done so far?

5) I also need to finish the vintage sheet quilt for my Mum. It's going to just be simple squares like the one I made myself, but as her birthday is in February I can't hang around on this one!

Charms and FQ's and the last fabric I'll be buying for 6 months!
I've actually cut more charms, I just haven't got a picture and
if I wait to get one I'll never link up!

6) Last but not least - I'd quite like to get this giant star quilt of my own finished. I cut into some precious fabrics ages ago and then couldn't get on until I had ordered the background fabric, which I did not so long ago. I have Ikea numbers for backing, some DS for the binding and the wadding. I just need to actually get on with the making! I won't even have to break my fabric diet to do it!

Precious fabrics cut into.

So there you go six items that I could do with finishing. I'll try not to get distracted along the way. I'm promising nothing though... :-)


  1. Good luck, think how happy you will be if you get these finished and out of the way. Love to see the aeroplane bag as I've not made a start yet.

  2. Good luck!! And remember K is a pro at Aeroplane bags if you need help :)

  3. Damn straight I know where you live ;o) I'll send you something for #3...

  4. That's a good list, and hopefully a do-able one too xxx

  5. good luck with these.
    I definitely had some of those vintage sheets on my bed when I was a student.

  6. That list should Keep you out of mischief for a while! Good luck

  7. That list should Keep you out of mischief for a while! Good luck

  8. A do-able list! Love the fabrics for your giant star!

  9. well if she knows where you live then you have to GET ON WITH SOMETHING xx good luck x

  10. I have that defeatist attitude going on here. And noone knows where I live... :) I'm looking forward to seeing your finishes.

  11. Good for you. Can't wait to see your giant star quilt.

  12. Well, that's your spare time sorted for the next three months. See you on the other side!

  13. That looks like a good list! I am thinking I might just put one thing on my list so I actually have a chance of finishing it.

  14. Have fun, don't pressurise yourself too much!

  15. Nice resolutions for the new year. Love the Chief's fabric, very manly!Enjoy the making.

  16. Love the fabric for the Chief's quilt.


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