Sunday, 19 January 2014

The best made plans of mice and Jan?

A week last Saturday I went hunting for more vintage sheet loveliness and despite searching half a dozen charity shops I found nothing suitable for the swap. To soothe my disappointment I visited a little dress shop that I used to frequent when I regularly visited the nearby hospital. I hadn't been in there for ages. The shop is literally stuffed with clothes and it just so happened nearly everything was on sale. So ages later I headed home with a dress, two tops, a tunic and a necklace.  I spent far more than I ever would have in the charity shops, but it was lovely to have a little splurge.

So far this is what I have to chop up for the UK and Ireland Vintage Sheet Swap. With the deadline for sending in sheets a month away, I am still not ruling out adding to the pile.

Opinions please!

Foiled on the vintage sheet front I managed to piece the front and back of Chiefs Quilt. I was optimistic that I'd get it finished last week to give it to him when he came down. (Although I am slightly concerned about what I'll do for binding.)  Monday, however I started to feel not quite right and Tuesday I was going down with a lovely cold, which has put paid to any stitchiness this week. Most times I've come home from work and been to sleep. I'm hoping the cold is on it's way out, so if I could just stop coughing and shift the woolly, congested head feeling I'd be sorted. I really want to get well asap as I have a birthday week coming up!

As I wasn't going to get Chief's quilt finished I decided to give him a sneaky peek of an IG pic I took of it. He seemed to like it apart from the tools fabric which he didn't think went with the rest of the quilt. I hadn't the energy to try and explain about being on a fabric diet and wanting to use my stash, not buy more fabric. If he doesn't like the quilt though I may have to do some unpicking and have a rethink. I'll show it him in the week and hope he changes his mind when he sees it for real.

Oh and talking of the fabric diet. I haven't bought any fabric at all. Not one single piece. I was hoping to join in with the great fabric destash over on IG but I don't have the energy to get fabric sorted for destashing. Of course I won't be buying. Not that some things haven't really tempted me. A lot.


  1. I haven't bought any fabric this year either. I'm holding firm but may have a wobble if Anna Maria Horner releases any new lines this year. Which she is.

  2. I like the tools fabric in there, and think it really works. Just carry on, and get it done. Well done for sticking to that diet, too!

  3. Och just tell him he'll get what he's given and stick well ;o)

    I've sold some things, and not at all shocked not to have sold others lol

  4. well done for sticking to your "diet" despite feeling so rough xx take care .. you know the drill .. rest as much as possible ,lots of fluids and keep warm .. give him a look at the quilt .. he may like the fabric when he sees the whole thing xx

  5. I did some swapping for the destash, worked for me! I did buy some FQs yesterday (I found Henna, Cat Nap and Bike Paths in the local fabric discounters!) but I destashed them right away, it was a public service ;)

  6. Did you see Catrin's vintage sheet destash? If you like any of it let her know and she may well be kind enough to include it in the swap! How about putting out a plea for swap fabric for Chief's quilt? You never know I may have something I can send, what are you looking for? I have scraps of Parson Gray...

  7. Feel better soon!
    I made more than I spent and only sold 2 things last night , so I am feeling good about that.
    Tell Chief you may get some more suitable fabric in a Parisienne flea market!

  8. I hope you are feeling much better now.

  9. Like Mary said!

    I didn't do too badly in the destash but I'm afraid that I spent more than I made :( I had hoped to destash some of my quilting cotton but a friend taking advantage and a sick baba put an end to that! I might still put some pics up on IG later in the week - if you see any that might be any good for chiefs quilt I'd be willing to swap for scraps!

    Hope the lurgy disappears before your birthday x

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