Wednesday, 8 January 2014

There is always a silver lining.

Today after work I went on that long over due vintage sheet hunting trip to a local town. It was the first semi-dry day for what feels like forever and I was fairly sure if I stuck to the main roads I would avoid any flooding. (There is a horrendous amount of flooding in Oxfordshire and there has been at least one fatality already. Quite something considering how land locked we are.) I headed straight to Oxfam as I have found good stuff here before. However, what they had was far too modern and/or plain. The shop was quite busy, as were most charity shops due the the influx of people taking advantage of the dry weather to drop off stuff.

I tried four more charity shops without success. I only found one vintage sheet and that was too heavily white with a pale pink design that was so large it would have pretty much only yielded a white with a hint of pink per fat quarter, so despite the £2.50 price tag, I left it behind. The only thing I bought apart from a bit of shopping in Waitrose was 20 charity Christmas cards for the bargain price of 79p. Thankfully I have a couple of other vintage sheets I can hopefully send in for round two of the vintage sheet swap. But I've not ruled out some more hunting before I need to send in to Mary.


 There is still plenty of time to join in the swap if you've had more luck than me finding some vintage sheets. 

So I drove home in the rain feeling pretty deflated. However, when I got home there was a very snazzy red metallic envelope bearing my name and an unfamiliar return address. It turned out it was a prize from Sarah's Online Baby Shower a while back. As well as the lovely fabric buckets donated by Sarah's Mum, I won a pair of earrings too. Not only did the earrings arrive today, but along with them was a lovely purple twinkly necklace and very pretty card. Made by Lush who blogs here.

Nice mail surprise

So I may not have scored on the vintage sheet front and I may have had a wet journey feeling deflated at the end of it, but there is always a silver lining.


  1. Surprises are always fun. Good luck sheet hunting.

  2. That necklace is so pretty and Lush is one of the nicest of people. And funny too!

  3. Definitely worth coming home to xxx

  4. Good luck with the sheet hunting


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