Saturday, 15 February 2014

It feels like forever...

...since I've been here in blogland. It probably isn't that long. I've just had my head in another place of late. Trying to figure some stuff out and so I've not been around here that much writing, reading or commenting. Somewhere along the line my sewing mojo resurfaced. It had been on a little holiday when I had a cold and then with all my birthday celebrations there was no time to sew. I really needed to get back to it. I can't tell you how good it has been to get playing with fabric again.  In fact I have finished Mum's birthday quilt and in time for her birthday. She still doesn't know it's for her. I just need to do a label and get some decent pics.

And it's done!

I had all these plans that this year I'd make more effort with photographing my makes. Not sure how I'm going to achieve that with the weather we've been having of late. Still until I can get some better shots I'm sure you get the idea from the above IG picture.

I hope wherever you are in the world right now that weather is not being too troublesome and you're all keeping safe. 


  1. It looks great. I have difficulty with taking pictures. The colours never look the same as the original.
    Pity! I am also thinking of creating a place with some proper lighting to take my pictures. But... there are so much other things to do!

  2. The quilt looks lovely, bet your mum will love it. Sneaky presents are great fun too :-)

  3. I get your mum will love the surprise! It's so beautiful :-)

  4. Ha, funnily enough, I'm working on better photos right now too!

  5. Looking good so far, and welcome back Mojo xxx


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