Sunday, 2 February 2014

Sshhhhhh Don't Tell Mum!

Hmmm I'm not sure this is a very well kept secret. After all I'm going down the 'hiding in plain sight' route on this particular quilt. You see Mum's birthday is later this month. If I'm going to give her another quilt for her bed (one she can sleep under whilst the other is in the wash - she won't let me remove the last quilt I made from her bed to wash it, because she now likes a quilt on top of the duvet.) and give it as a birthday present, then I really need to get on with making it.

So far all I had was my little vintage sheet stash. Most of which was in the form of fat quarters and charm squares purchased from Mary, a duvet to use as backing and as of the other weekend, 4 pink and white stripy pillowcases I could use for binding. What I hadn't done is any sewing.  So I rectified that this weekend with some not so secret sewing. Well, I can hardly claim it to be secret when Mum's reading the news paper on the sofa and I'm sat sorting charm squares into piles to see how many more I need to cut. She even asked if I was making a quilt to send away somewhere.

Planning Mum's quilt
Sorting out piles for the rows of squares.

I'm was going to have to try and sew the top without her seeing realising it's for her, to put at least a little surprise element into it. I have the quilt top pieced (I just have to check the size is correct as despite counting the squares in her previous quilt, this top seems smaller.) and will baste and quilt another day. As she goes to bed early I hope I can at least bind it after she's tucked up in bed.

Quilt Top Finish
Completed top - the next time you see it I hope it's finished!
One thing I'm really hoping is I can be a bit more inventive on the photographing of things I make this year, particularly quilts. I have the equipment camera wise, even if I don't always have decent light. It would be so nice to have some interesting quilty photo shoots. (Not just drag a quilt out to the garden and throw it over the lawn/front bench/back fence.)  Don't you just love quilts photographed in interesting locations? I will be location scouting all the while now! There has to be some more interesting places I can photograph what I make around these parts!


  1. It looks pretty and I am sure she will love it.

  2. Ha, loving the hiding in plain sight route!

    I keep thinking I need to find somewhere to take lovely quilt photos, but the only place I can think of is a good 20 minute drive away, and (weather aside) given the full time job, I need to find a free weekend before I can try getting over there (at which time, as it's a country park that's free to enter, it will be rather busy)

    In the meantime, I've got the new lights and white walls to work with!

  3. Oh it looks wonderful! I too fancy venturing further than my back garden for photos and since there's so many nutters round here i don't think anyone would pay it any attention! There's some good skate ramps if i go out early enough it wouldn't be full of teenagers!

  4. Lucky mum!
    I'd love to find some more interesting placed to take photos, but the 'complete nutter' looks I'd get round here kind of put me off!

  5. I think the problem is not where to take photos but finding a dry minute to do so! The quilt will be so lovely and your mum will be thrilled.

  6. I did the hiding in plain sight with Spouse's Christmas quilt - he was sitting on it finished all folded up at one point (I'd panic stashed it on a kitchen chair!) but he didn't twig!
    Best of luck on the quilt photography. I'd love those pretty in-a-field-of-poppies shots but it requires a partner in crime to hold the quilt up!

  7. go for it, your photos of out and about are always great. I have seen a blog in the West of Ireland (can't remember whose) and her quilt photos are quite an art form.


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