Monday, 3 February 2014

Stitchy pressies

The whole birthday thing this year has been a little overwhelming. Even more so than other years that I remember. Many stitchy friends asked if I was getting fabric as presents given the fabric diet. And yes that would have been a sneaky cunning way of getting a fabric fix during the fabric fast, as technically I wouldn't be buying it. The only flaw in that cunning plan is my family and non sewy friends don't really do fabric purchasing as presents.

However, I did get some stitchy presents which I haven't managed to photograph and blog about until now.

First up is this pincushion, tape measure and Cath Kidson mending box. It'll make a great project on the sofa box and everything will brighten up my sewing area.


Next up is this home made notebook cover and key fob made for me by Tanya of Second Chance Tan. Isn't it lovely? When I've used up the notebook I'm going to use it as a writing case as I still write letters with pen and paper.


Last but not least was this great nail varnish set from Lynz.

  Birthday gift

It was quite funny when I opened it. I was sat on the sofa next to Chief and Mum was sat in the chair the other side of me. Chief was waiting patiently whilst I opened all the cards and presents.  I opened this one and squealed. Then I started to explain to him about Lizzy House and the pearl bracelet fabric and what the nail varnish was all about. His eyes positively glazed over. So I turned to Mum and decided to explain to her instead. At least she looks interested even when she hasn't a clue what I'm on about. At the end of it Chief said something like: well as long as you're happy with it. Men eh?!

Happy with this lot? Really stupid statement, I was over the moon!


  1. Good haul! You'll need to show us your nails when they're done :)

  2. You know, I deliberately didn't go for fabric because of the stash diet! But couldn't resist the mental nail varnish!

  3. Gorgeous gifts and we have to see your nails!

  4. What fun presents. Happy birthday, belatedly.

  5. The pearl bracelets polish made me smile and I love the notebook and work box

  6. Lovely gifts, now get those nails polished!

  7. enjoy .. you gotta love them .. esp when the eyes glaze and the comments show they havnt a clue xx lol x

  8. Lovely gifts. I especially like the fabric covered notebook, I was given one last year and love it because I just change the book when it is finished and it will always look good.

  9. I hope you put those bottles straight in the fridge ;o)


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