Sunday, 27 April 2014

Gone Stitching

So I basted the quilt top this am and luckily the bit of backing I'd joined - thinking I'd not have enough backing overhang, wasn't needed so I cut it off once the quilt was basted. I have then, intermittently, been stitching around the stars in perle.  For frugality sake and because I'd left my bee mates such an open ended brief I bought Klona as the backing fabric. It was the cheaper solid option and meant I could send out decent sized chunks to everyone. I'm sort of regretting that frugality now as the stiffer texture, than say, Kona means it's hard work stitching with perle through the seams of those lovely stars. It will be worth it in the end and I've done 5 blocks already.

And so it begins

The binding will be scrappy using left overs of the DS fabric I have. I'm really excited about how this quilt is progressing and am wondering why I didn't tackle it before!

All the hand stitching is making me plan future projects too. I'm feeling the need to get bag making and as I have enough shoulder and tote bags (can I really have enough?!) I may finally finish the Weekender or Aeroplane Bag. I love seeing those shots of people travelling handmade with all their weekend bags being made by them or friends in swaps. Who knows with a new bag or two I would have to road test them with a weekend away. (Hint hint Chief!)


  1. I have a half started bag, too...I need to get the hardware for it, and keep putting it off...

    That quilt is looking good though, it will be worth it!

  2. Saw a pic of your quilt top a few days ago. It looks great and I'm sure that struggling with the perle will be worth it.

  3. Keep going in short bursts - it will be totally worth it! Loved the sneak peak on Instagram earlier and can't wait to see the finished article x

  4. I'm sorry, was that a threat to finish the Aeroplane bag? Hahahahahahahahaha. Hahahahahahaha. *ahem* sorry. Hahahahahahaha ;o)

  5. I'm inspired by your hand stitching - I may have to do one of my quilts that way. And I absolutely need to make a bag. Do you have a pattern that you think is wonderful?

  6. I think you've amused Katy - wonder if she's stopped laughing yet?!! The wonky stars are gorgeous, hope the hand quilting isn't too painful!

  7. the perles look so tactile it will be worth it


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