Monday, 28 April 2014

I'm dreaming of...Fabric Fasting April Check In

I think I was on a blogging holiday last month so didn't check in. I had nothing to report as I'd been good and not bought any fabric. Just as I've been good this month and not bought any fabric. But it's kind of wearing thin now. I'm missing the good mail days of coming home from work to a parcel or two of fabric goodness. The pleasure of unwrapping brightly coloured tissue paper and getting my mitts on some lovely fabric, previously i'd only drooled over on online. I'm missing those random fat quarters that pop into my shopping bag because I can justify postage better if I buy just a couple more.

I miss fabric through the mail. I don't miss customs charges

I'm hoping after this sixth month diet I can shop much more sensibly, because there is nothing like shopping your stash for a period of time to know what it lacks.  I've next to no fabric suitable for bindings. I don't seem to have much in the way of those blenders that add interest to a quilt binding like stripes or spots. I am woefully short of go to solids. No white. I was going to make some Bee Blessed blocks last month until I realised the back ground fabric required was white and I had none. Even in my scraps I couldn't eek out enough to do one measly block.

On the plus side I've made two quilts this year and am working on hand quilting a third and all those quilts have been made from stash. The backing of the one I'm currently working on had been purchased for attempting dressmaking. As I need backing now and making the PJ's it was intended for can wait for another day (or month) I just used it. It feels quite liberating.

Something that has surprised me is however much fabric I've been using up I'm not noticing the hoped for big gaps in my fabric drawers. By now I'd really expected to see some gaps to justify a little fabric splurge after the fast is over.  If I don't free up space I may be fasting a whole lot longer. The whole reason behind deciding to go on a fabric diet was to use up fabric before it burst out of the space I have for it.  They way things are I might need to fast all year!


  1. I ran out of Kona black and didn't think it was a problem in this to buy more to finish a project- white is a staple, I don't think it counts ;)

    Says she who definitely failed this month.

  2. Running out of white is a problem -- it's within the rules so I think you should treat yourself to some.

  3. Wow I think you are doing amazingly well, especially if you are struggling for basics. I stocked up hugely on yardage of kona snow, steel, other random solids at the end of December. I knew running out of that kind of thing would knock me off the wagon and then it would be too easy t sneak in those extra half yards to make the postage worthwhile!!

    I do think this is great for making you realise what you use. I have mostly bought half yards rather than FQs for the last year which is fab because it gives me binding options, cushion backs, girls skirts etc etc. And I know there will be fabrics still sat untouched at the end of the year. those tone on tone blenders and basics are what I reach for first every time. My stahs is till looking very healthy though! My longer cuts are vanishing but the FQs, HYs still as many as ever!

  4. I'm starting to plough my way through my bag fabrics, but it's taking a while!

  5. You have been so strong- but you really cannot manage without white, you know! It is a justifiable expense. Just watch those sneaky extras trying to climb into the bag with it!

  6. I so agree with you that however much you use up there are never any nice satisfying spaces in the stash. i think the rest just expands in the night!!

  7. This stack of fabric looks delicious. What is the black one with the font on top? I like it. I vote "YES" on not running out of Kona.

  8. I'd also be running out of basics (especially plain white!) if I was on the fabric rehab programme but I'm fairly sure a purchase of a couple of metres of white would be's just a matter of whether you could resist adding other stuff to the parcel!! Keep going with your fast, you're doing so well!!

  9. I am so proud of you! But white is in almost everything (staple) so I vote it doesn't count! You are do great! I will be joining for an additional 6 months to learn from your example! The fabric fairy keeps putting a little more in when you take some out!


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