Monday, 7 April 2014

In for a penny in for a pound - Q2 Finish-A-Long Link up

Finish Along 2014

So it's time to link up for the second quarter of the finish-A-long. I really feel I can't do much worse than quarter one (I completed one project!) But having just sewn a whole quilt top up at the weekend and quilted it I'm feeling confident I can at least match the quarter one results.  I'm certainly raring to sew!

On to the list!

1) Having completed this quilt top on Saturday and basted and quilted it on Sunday I only have to finish sewing on the binding and do a label. (I often don't bother with labels but as this is a special gift I'm going to make the effort!)
St Louis 16 Patch Lap Quilt Top

2) The HipBee's are on their second cycle. I was part of the first and when it was my month I sent out selections of Denyse Schmidt fabric from Flea Market Fancy, Katy Jump Rope and the odd bit of other ranges done for the likes of Joanns and asked my fellow bee's to make me stars. I got a lovely selection back but as the bee was only doing one block there has never been enough to do more than a baby quilt. Which due to my lack of a baby would be rather redundant. It's meant that from time to time I've got them out and pondered whether to make loads more stars to make the quilt bigger or add some more negative space or even a border to size it up. But pondering is all I've done. That and decide that when it is a quilt top I'm going to hand quilt it in perle.

I'm still open to suggestions on this one. It's going to be a challenge as I'm still on a fabric diet for the rest of this quarter so can't go out and buy more Denyse Schmidt fabric to add big borders or something. I really do want to get this one finished though.

I think doing something with these lovelies at long last will be my next quilty project #hipbees

3) It was on the list last time and has been lurking on my cutting area. I'd like to actually turn it into a cushion and maybe offer it up as a give away prize?

Just a few bits to sew. But should I go bigger or sash what I've done so far?

4) Another from the list last time. These are the attachments for what will be some camera cushions for a hide located where Chief works. I have a huge bag of poly balls to stuff the camera cushions with and for that reason (if no other) I'd love to get them made and get rid of some of those damn balls. If I don't hurry up and make them there is a very good chance Chief won't be working there any more, so they'll be surplus to requirements and I have all the materials!

I'm going to stop there. There is other WIP's crammed in a basket.  I want the list to be manageable and given my track record this is more than enough to keep me occupied!

So what do you want to get finished? Or what do you want to see me get finished the most. I feel I will need plenty of encouragement!


  1. Great projects! Can't wait to see hipbees finished. Can you add more blocks, just squares of fabric maybe or nine patches?

  2. Well I'm greedy and want to see them all done ;)

  3. Could you set your Hip bee blocks on point - it would make the quilt top larger but you'd need more background fabric...

    Good luck with your list!

  4. oh lots of things to get finished here....but first my crochet blanket..started years ago!
    love the hipbees!

  5. How about using your bee blocks to make a tablecloth or a table runner instead of a quilt? The hexies would make a great cushion too. xx

  6. Helen's idea sounds great, there's a gorgeous sampler quilt in Vintage Quilt Revival that's got the blocks set on point. Whatever your choice I'm sure it'll look gorgeous :-)

  7. Ah Helen has the best ideas! Good lyck with the list

  8. I have a hexie quilt going that is about that size (and it has been going for years!) that I almost added to the finish along, but I know I am looking at a long time to get it done so I left it off! Looking forward to seeing yours!

  9. I love the DS stars! Other than the diet(boo!), columns of stars, or a vertical panel of stars, centered, or off center, might be fun also. I've got panels on the brain, as I have something along those lines on my own list :) I personally would not rush it for the sake of the QAL, tho, you will know when the time and plan is right :)

  10. love the DS stars. This will be one fantastic quilt

  11. What a cute little 16 patch. Such a classic design that is simple but with so much character!


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