Thursday, 15 May 2014

Parting is such sweet sorrow

I had the day off work yesterday. It had been planned for a long time. I was to spend a relaxing day with Chief before he took his flight off to...well I can't reveal where he's gone until tomorrow, when I announce the winner of the Sew Mama Sew Give Away Day. Thank you so much to everyone who's taken part so far and welcome to all my lovely new followers. I'm sorry I haven't been able to respond to comments this time. I do love to read every single one and it's been fun to see where you think Chief might be going. I can't reveal if any of you were right just yet.  I informed Chief of my question and he said I'd been mean and not given nearly enough clues.

Anyway, back to my day off. It got hijacked by life. Firstly my friends funeral was in the morning. It was a very sad occasion and my first ever funeral at a crematorium. I was pleased it was fine as there was a lot of waiting about outside and I regret wearing girlie shoes, as I was standing for over an hour all told. It was a moving service and even the vicar wiped tears from his eyes during the service.

Now would be a good time to show you the fabric I fell off the waggon for because of news of her death.

Good Mail

Regular readers won't be surprised I was drawn to birdie prints. I have projects in mind for each cut of fabric so I'm not hoarding honest!

After the funeral service Chief and I went off to run errands. It was for stuff he needed to take with him on his trip. You may be even more intrigued if I told you that involved collecting a card reader device for his ipad, a garden kneeler cushion and a sunglasses string. He also wanted to take some test shots with various camera lenses before making the final decision on what he was taking with him. We had a nice meal sat in the garden before he had to pack the last of his stuff and head off for his flight. He should be at his destination by now. Mobile phones apparently don't work there and Internet access is £10 per day so I probably won't hear from him again until he's home. It's very odd not to keep getting texts or phone calls and he's not been gone 24 hours yet!


  1. the bird fabric is lovely and it is good to be good to yourself from time to time. Hopefully not too long until the Chief is home again.

  2. Well my guess was completley incorrect then!!

  3. Jan, what is that print with the different birds on it's amazing?


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