Wednesday, 21 May 2014


You may recall I bought fabric this month. (It's entirely possible I'll buy more before the month is out. Especially as I have a $25 voucher I won to spend!) My purchases thus far have had projects in mind and I've already completed the first one. Although it didn't turn out quite as I'd intended.

Some of you may recall my turning an off cut of Liberty Tana Lawn purchased at the Fat Quarterly Retreat in London last year into an infinity scarf. I had always wanted to make more as I've had a lot of wear out of this little scarf. The perfect thing when I need a little extra warmth around my neck, but not so much I feel suffocated and get too hot. 

  Liberty Tana Lawn Infinity Scarf

When I saw M is for Make had some of the lovely blue/grey Birch Flight voile fabric in I thought a half yard would make another great infinity scarf.  However, when the voile arrived it was clear that whilst it was going to make a longer loop than the Liberty fabric had, it was going to be skinnier. So once I'd made the tube of fabric I decided to embellish the end with some lace trim and leave it open. This way I could wear it however I liked and not have to always loop it 10 times (ok exaggerating a bit!) over my head in order to get it to look and feel right.

I then needed some help with taking photographs of me modelling it. I had to rope in my Mum and find a camera she could just point and shoot without a lot of effort. Any pictures of me now with non photographers behind the camera usually result in my pulling faces as if to say: What on earth are they doing with that camera? 

I had to grab a cardi' to cover up the fact I've a very bright multicoloured
top on underneath!


And while we were at it I got her to take a picture of me wearing the Liberty one.
Something I'd not managed to do in the previous year!


I'd twisted and looped the latest scarf. It's longer than your standard scarf; this gives more options of how to wear it and it's skinny enough to still be versatile.


  1. I really like both of these, just my colours. I especially like the colour of the new bird scarf.

  2. Both really pretty and I like the lace edge!

  3. love both the scarves but particularly the liberty one. I don't trust my dad not to drop my camera!

  4. love that Birch voile - such a pretty print.

  5. They are both lovely but I particularly love the Flight one. And didn't Mum do well!

  6. I usually wear that face when my mum is taking photos lol. Lovely scarves and you look fab!!


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