Saturday, 17 May 2014

So just where is Chief?! Winner is announced.

Firstly apologies for not announcing the winner sooner. 5pm pst is the early hours over here and I've been out all day at Windsor, so the winner picking has had to wait until my return!

I have been completely overwhelmed by the number of entrants to my sew mama sew give away day! Not to mention all the lovely new followers - who have taken me zooming past the 200 mark on Google Friend Connect. (Hmmm I may have to have another give away shortly to celebrate!)

I have loved reading each and every comment, especially the ones guessing where Chief might have gone. Australia was certainly a favourite, with Bermuda and Hawaii being popular choices too. Whilst a couple of people mentioned generally where he might have gone and several mentioned the place where the plane that dropped him off of was continuing on too; nobody actually named the place exactly.

Chief is actually on Ascension. The Ascension Islands are a British Overseas Territory in the South Atlantic. We stop off there on the way to the Falkland Islands to refuel (It's only another 10 hours to The Falklands!) The Ascensions, like The Falklands are an Archipelago - a cluster of islands comprising of Ascension (where Chief is), Tristan da Cunha, St Helena; as well as some smaller uninhabited islands.  The British took over Ascension Island to stop the French rescuing Napoleon when we imprisoned him on St Helena.  I've always wanted to go there and The Falklands because it's not the sort of place everyone gets to go. In fact you need a permit to land on Ascension Island and proof of onward passage. Whilst it's largely made of volcanic rock; it's sub tropical and has some of the best beaches in the world. It's also very British so I could take my sterling over there to spend. Although I think shopping opportunities are some what limited.

In case you're wondering what Chief is doing out there: Well he's counting Sooty Turns (amongst other bird related things.) As he's on a conservation expedition with the Army Ornithological Society. Virtually the moment he stepped off the plane he was at work catching and collecting data from Sooty Turns. I had a three minute phone call Thursday night after he'd finished for the day (Before his phone card ran out!) and he said he'd already seen Miner Birds, Canaries and spotted a Frigate Bird. He said the Sooty Turn chicks were really cute little balls of fluff that haven't really got the hang of how to hide. It seems when they run away they just stick their head between two bits of rock and forget that whilst their head is hidden, their body isn't!

But that's not telling you who the winner is, is it? I used Mr Random Number Generator as I couldn't bothered writing everyones names out and finding a hat. I had to delete some duplicated comments too.
The winner is...

Number 36 which was:


I'll be off to email you shortly. 

Thanks to everyone who entered. 


  1. I am a wiiiiiinner. *happy dance* Thanks so much, Jan!! And surely I'm not the only one to immediately think Chief was doing some old building survey counting sooty turns!

  2. Congrats to Lynz, and lucky boy Chief!!

  3. I was miles off with my guess- sounds fascinating!

  4. Congrats to Lynz. And that sounds like one of those perfect rare occasions when career and hobby coincide.

  5. Thanks for the little geography lesson. I probably had heard of Ascension Islands but never would have guessed it.

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