Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Doing the Justification Dance - Fabric Fast Check In Time

Regular readers will know I jumped off the not buying fabric waggon in May to buy this fabric:

Good Mail

You can read about why I bought this fabric here. I think all things considered I was pretty restrained. I only bought fabric I had a specific use for and in at least one case I was fairly sure this fabric would not hang around long enough to still be available after I've finished dieting. I also had a voucher to spend at Southern Fabrics thanks to a give away hosted by Lily's Quilts. Spending the $25 voucher meant spending another $28 dollars in postage and making up a small amount of purchasing shortfall.  Despite all the lovely fabrics at Southern Fabrics I struggled to choose what to buy. All of my very first choices were out of stock. I really was spoilt for choice though because there is so much loveliness there! I seem to be out of the fabric shopping habit. I am also finding my mindset at the moment has changed towards fabric. I'm making more by not buying fabric to hoard. I seem to remember this is what happened last time I went on a fabric diet. I really think I'm more motivated by using up what I've got than wanting to add to it!

Anyway, so I didn't feel quite so bad for bringing in new fabric I've done a little monitoring of the fabric I've removed from my stash during May:

Aeroplane bag (in addition to pieces I'd already cut out)  1 yard
Laundry bag. 3/4 yard
Pyjamas 21/4 yards
Sew Mama Sew Give Away 1 Charm Pack and Scraps
Voile Scarf - 1/2 yard of newly purchased fabric above.
Clamshell Cushion - 3/4 yard of recycled cotton curtain, 1/2 yard of Essex Linen for backing, 45 charm squares

Before I had chance to post this on the blog my Southern Fabrics order arrived so I thought you'd want to see what I've got.

Good Mail Day!

I have decided that whilst I may relax a bit on the fasting - call it a fabric diet now not a fast. I am going to do monthly check ins to see what I've used against what I've added to the stash.


  1. you can be forgiven as it is such beautiful fabric xx

  2. I think you've done very well! I should probably join this fast after my recent number of purchases!!!

  3. Sorry for the reasoning behind the first fabrics, but my healthier for you than a choccie binge!


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