Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Dove Stories

There was no sewing over the weekend because Chief came down and Saturday was spent walking around Blenheim Palace. Well one of the lakes to be more precise. The main lake. The one that covers something like 2000 acres. We just wandered and it soon became a case of finish what we'd started or turn back. Each corner we rounded we assumed we'd hit civilisation again. Eventually we did. Of course this didn't really do Chiefs bad back much good; that's another story.

Blenheim Palace
Blenheim Palace - a World Heritage Site

I fancied playing tourist and doing something that wasn't bird watching. We'd not walked very far when it turned into a bird watching session.

Black Headed Gull
black headed gulls darted about the lake in the hope
 some of our sarnies would head their way.

Great Crested Grebe Family
One of the adult great crested grebes has babies on it's back and the other adult kept
feeding them.

We saw lots of other wildlife too - a bee swarm, two different kinds of deer. Also other birds: a few herons which nest on one of the islands, a Jay, a common tern and twice we saw and a raven fly over - distinctive by the 'cronking' sound it makes.

The next day I let Chief decide where we went before he headed home and he picked Otmoor. We saw three cuckoos fly over and heard turtle doves before we saw them. When we did see them they were happy to pose.  They're 'red status' birds these day as numbers of turtle doves migrating these days has significantly declined.

Turtle Dove - Otmoor
I love the sound the turtle doves make. They are very pretty birds too.

It was a good opportunity to work on my bird photography too with smaller birds that posed. 

Reed Warbler
Reed Warbler
Sedge Warbler
Sedge Warbler

The turtle doves were not the only dove story over the past few days as on the building next to work a collared dove has set up a nest on the top of a security light bracket.

Collared Dove an unusual home


  1. I feel the urge to make a 'birdbrained' comment here, but I can't think of anything witty enough right now

  2. Glad you got some time together. The Warbler photos are stunning!

  3. some great photos, I have never seen a turtle dove, aren't they beautiful. xxx


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