Monday, 30 June 2014

London Baby!

Chief and I took our first trip to London together on Saturday. It nearly didn't happen because of my generally feeling tired and a bit bleugh the day before. As it was we went, just not for the time we'd planned. Chief spent a couple of years living in London so knows it pretty well.  When he asked me to come up with a plan of where to go my mind went blank. Well, if I'm perfectly honest everything that leaped into my mind was fabric related - Liberty's, Shaukat, V&A etc etc. Some how I didn't think a day spent doing 'Fabric' in London would be quite his cup of tea. Can you believe when I did mention Liberty he said: I have no idea what that is?!

Anyway, in the few hours we were in London we crammed in: China Town

China Town
Can you spot me? We actually did China Town twice. I really
wanted to get a few pics and on our first (and most 
comprehensive)walk through it was raining like mad!

Leicester Square (where we had lunch at Chiquitos.) 

Chiquitos starter
Only took a picture of my starter. Was too busy eating after that!

We walked around the Theatre District
Theatre district from an Alley
Shame about the rain!

It was only when we headed for Trafalgar Square we found out London Pride was on. We saw bits of the parade but generally tried to avoid it because of the crowds. Not that easy. There were certainly some sights to be seen and quite a party/carnival atmosphere.

Rainbow Zebra Crossing - London Pride

Gaydar - London Pride was on!

Soho Glamour

We had a wander through Soho. If I'd been here before I wasn't aware I was in Soho. 

Adults Shops in Soho backstreet

There was a quick trip to Davenports. I'd heard of this place before from Chief. I was expecting it to be more Harry Potter like. Well, it is a magic shop. It was a fun place to go and see the tricks so Chief could decide which ones he was adding to his collection.

Davenports in Charing Cross
Davenports Magic Shop in Charing Cross

There was a walk around Covent Garden (we were so glad that most of it is indoors thanks to the rain!)

Rainy Covent Garden
Great British Weather

We were contemplating a trip to Harrods from here. I've never been. But I was sooooo tired that we decided to get a brew and head back to get the coach. It was a fun trip and I'm already making a list of things I want to do next time. I'm also hoping next time we have better weather as there were so many other things I wanted to photograph!

Of course a weekend gallivanting around and I've done no sewing in what seems like an age. I'm itching to get back to it and maybe if I can get the chores I keep neglecting done, I can get to some stitching.


  1. I spent many a happy afternoon as a skint 18 year old people watching in Covent Garden! Hope you're all better, too.

  2. Lucky girl. Did you get to Liberty's in the end? You were certainly in walking distance from it a lot of the time? I lived in London for a few years many moons ago and going back makes me so happy.

  3. Shame about the weather but looks like you crammed in lots of wonderfulness in one day.

  4. we were in London too last weekend, we passed Shaukat but it was shut, brilliant tapas place next door though. Ended up in Camden, no fabric shops there though

  5. Looks fun, if a bit damp. I think you should make him do Liberty next time ;o)


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