Saturday, 21 June 2014

What's flown in around here?

In my last post I mentioned I'd had a few birdie things fly in by mail recently. None of which I'd photographed. I've rectified that. Not the best photos in the world. Really if you waited for better you may be waiting for a long time. 

First up a scarf. (Actually there were two, one was for a present so I'm only showing you the one I'm keeping.) It's quite big, light and the drape is great. It came from Maude and Martha. They had a great facebook deal recently. Obviously too great for me to resist!


Next there was these beauties from The only downside was getting stung for customs charges. Don't get me wrong I accept we have to pay customs VAT when we go over the threshold; I do resent the handling charges though. What I didn't realise when I placed my order with is they use couriers rather than USPS. This means the couriers (in this case UPS) can charge their own collection fee which well exceeds the £8.00 Royal Mail charge. In fact I paid significantly more in fees than I did the customs VAT charge. Oh and it took 48 hours for the package to get from the US to the UK and then four days for my local UPS depot to email me to ask me if I wanted the parcel delivered and if so I had to pay?!


The Pretty Potent was a bargain. (OK so no longer a bargain thanks to those pesky fees!) and I had intended to make some pillow cases with it. I've changed my mind. I don't think I can bear to just make pillow cases with it!The Aviary fabrics already figure in my stash in half yard cuts. I've not wanted to use them because I love them so much and know the moment I use them I'll wish I had more. This fabric is not that easy to find in these colour ways so I had to have some too. My intention is using this for the Cargo Duffle Bag. I may change my mind I'm fickle like that. The other fabric is purple and has bird on it so it's no wonder that I had to have a yard of it!

Next up are these bird cards. Please don't tell Chief as he'll no doubt end up the recipient of several of these. In fact I bought so many because I couldn't decide which ones he'd like the most!
They're by Thirteen Rabbits. I love the Union Flag touches. Definitely British Birds!


And last but not least, more fabric. This time from here.  Super fast service - they were here in a flash it seemed. 


Each piece has birds on it in some form.  Some destined for bags and other accessories and some destined for a secret project.

So whilst I've not been doing much sewing I've certainly been doing some shopping. 


  1. Looks like you've had birds fluttering in from all over. Beautiful

  2. You are a real bird lover!! Great cards! And some lovely fabrics...

  3. I was stung really badly with fees when I used once. Never again. Ugh.

  4. I have been done by customs every single time, I honestly don't know how some people can be so lucky. I never order from the states now because of it.

  5. I assume the fabric fast is over now ???? And what lovely fabrics to end it with x

  6. Building up quite the flock there!


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