Friday, 11 July 2014

Finish-A-Long Quarter 3 - Best Intentions

I actually did a fair bit of sewing in quarter two...just not much from my quarter two list. I finished something from Quarter 1 list that I hadn't put on the Quarter 2 list because I was fairly sure I'd never be making it! So I've decided to put in a huge list for Q3 on the assumption fickle old me will at least get a couple of items finished!

So in no particular order:

My Big Stitch Swap Item. I have to get this finished as my partner will be expecting it on time which means it'll have to be finished this quarter!

#thebigstitchswap liking how this is shaping up

I've put these on both previous quarters lists so I probably should just get on and make the camera cushions for the hide Chief organised at his work place. Chiefs project has sort of fallen by the wayside due to all the personnel that have moved on. I asked if the hide is used much. Apparently not because it only looks out on a field and phase two of the plan to build a scrape never happened. I'm told that the scrape will be built next weekend so I really should finish these:


These hexies were on my Q2 list too. The plan is to turn them into a cushion cover. I haven't actually touched them!

Just a few bits to sew. But should I go bigger or sash what I've done so far?

My Hipbee blocks were on Q2 list too. I managed to get them sewn together into a quilt top and also basted. In fact I've started quilting. But sat with a quilt on my lap to hand sewn in warm weather isn't motivating me to get this beauty. We may get a cold summer so I'll keep it on the list.

Quilting is hard on the fingers as klona seams are quite stiff. Loving how it looks #hipbees

This bag was made for my blogiversary give away (In June!). No you didn't miss the give away I haven't actually finished the bag. If you could see inside you'd see I've not sewn up the turn through hole. If I can get my act into gear and fill it with a few goodies I can do the give away. (I'm putting this on the list but prob won't link up as a finish seeing as it needs such a small amount of work to finish it!)

Jack and Jenny tote Bag

Another thing I made ages ago and could have finished if I'd just done a little bit more work is these pj's. I thought they were coming up a bit short (well actually I was aiming for long shorts, but they were a bit too long for long shorts.) so I added a contrasting bit. Now they are too long and need hemming. 


I started to sew these together to make a plus quilt. They're now in my WIP basket neglected. They'd look much better as a cushion cover and I really REALLY need more cushion covers!

Happy Go Lucky - cut up and ready one day to become a cushion cover!

I had no sooner printed out the Poolside tote pattern and started to ponder fabrics, when Mum reminded me I had agreed to make a bag for her friend's birthday. And it would be needed by next Wednesday. I'm going to fore go sleep obviously, but I have at least pulled the fabric, found the pattern out and cut some pieces. Including cutting one piece wrong so it'll be a slightly improvised Go Anywhere Bag!

A typical Friday night

Pool Side Bag

I may get both bags finished this quarter. I may not. Wish me luck!

Finish Along 2014


  1. So many pretty projects, so little time. x

  2. That's an impressive list! I also seem to start and finish projects that I never listed. I suppose that's why we need the motivation of the FAL. Good luck :0)

  3. Some real beauties there Jan and sleep is so over rated.

  4. Good luck with your finishes, I especially love the pyjama trousers. I really need to get my act in gear and get some things done before the kids are all home for the summer, then again I will probably need to sew for my sanity while they are around. x

  5. Good luck with your list, its got lots of lovely projects. Love both the hexie projects in particular :-)


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