Sunday, 13 July 2014

Handing over Sugared Almonds Quilt

So I finally handed over the Sugared Almonds Quilt (my only finish last quarter on my finish-a-long list.) My friend Becky had a milestone birthday back in April. We thought we'd get to meet up then, but it didn't work out. Then more recently I think I had to cancel about three weekends running because of the funny not-quite-a-proper-stomach-bug. Becky drove down yesterday so we could go and have lunch at the local Thai place. Which do a lovely Thai Tapas and rumour has it they'll be closing soon. In fact there has been lots of rumours about that and we didn't want to risk missing on Becky having her much planned and talked about Thai lunch. I'd been on Wednesday with Chief and arranged to do the same with Becky yesterday. (Good job I like the food!)

Anyway, I met Becky at Oxford Services (I meet all the best people there as Katy will tell you.) and she followed me to my house where I handed over her birthday gift and had my camera on hand to catch the reaction.

Meeting up with Becky

It's fair to say she was just a little bit surprised.

Meeting up with Becky

Although pleased with it.
Meeting up with Becky

We then headed off for a very long and leisurely lunch at The Railway.  Every time I go I post a pic of what I'm about to eat for Becky to have a drool over on Facebook. Now she finally got to try some.

Meeting up with Becky

This was lunch for both not just Becky I should add! Becky took a post lunch Selfie of us. Selfies are one photographic format I fail at miserably.  After lunch we headed back to mine. I bored Becky silly showing her my fabric stash and explaining about Out of Print fabrics, Fat Quarters etc. entertained Becky with my fabric stash and knowledge. Then it was time for Becky to head home. 

Becky and me at The Railway

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  1. Oh yes, the best of us loiter round motorway services ;o)

    Glad you had a fun day!


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