Monday, 14 July 2014

My first Finish-A-Long Q3 Finish

Nothing like a bit of pressure is there?

Mum asked me a while ago if I'd make a Go Anywhere Bag for a really good friend of hers. She sort of mentioned which of her day trips she'd need it by and then didn't say any more about it. Until last week when she reminded me she'd need the bag by the following Wednesday.

That's when the panic sort of set in because I had arrangements Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of last week and was out all day Saturday. I managed to cut some of the pieces out Thurs and Friday in between other stuff. But I really didn't hold out much hope of getting the bag done. It didn't help that I had half a yard of the perfect fabric for the pockets and then went and cut the same pocket piece out twice. Meaning I didn't have enough fabric to correct my mistake and nothing in my stash that would co-ordinate and not look like the bag had a Jekyll and Hyde personality. I decided I'd have to work with what I had instead of the lovely external three part pocket I turned one into a two part pocket.

A typical Friday night
After the cutting mess up I had to crack open the crisps! The geometric fabric lines the big
external pocket and I used some more for the internal pocket. Near enough colour wise to 

Sunday Stitching

We will not look too closely at the top-stitching. I ran out of polyester thread and had to resort to some heavy duty thread I'd acquired from somewhere and it was a beast to sew and sticks out like a sore thumb. I have to buy more polyester thread when I can get to the LQS. Mum loves the bag though and is pleased and really feels her friend will love it too! Lets hope so.

Go Anywhere Bag

It does mean I've completed my first item from the Finish-A-Long Q3 list. Lets hope I haven't peaked too soon as I've only made one item each of the previous quarters!

Finish Along 2014


  1. nothing like a deadline to FOCUS the mind and fingers xxx Well done x

  2. Congrats on your first finish, nice and quick too. x

  3. Well done on a handsome first finish!

  4. Woot for finishes, even if they do put you through the mill!

  5. I've seen this pattern before, but I never felt the urge to make one myself ... until now! Your version is lovely. I especially like the big repeat of the floral fabric paired with the solid (is that linen or quilting cotton?). Well done!


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