Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My "Not Going to The Retreat" Treats!

I am not going to the FQR this year. I am kind of sad as there looks to be some fab classes and it's always nice to get the opportunity to meet up with online friends out in the real world. Although lots of people I know well can't go this year too. Instead I decided I could buy a few things as a little treat. The latest arrived in the post today.

This was two bundles that I bought from Kaelin's huge studio sale. It was a great destash it was hard not to buy more. I'm surprised if she has any fabric left now.
Fabric pretties

I bought these beauties from M is for Make.

And then this lovely lot arrived from Pink Castle Fabrics


All that looks yummy stacked up into a big pile.


And whilst I'm not normally a quilt mag sort of person I did subscribe for to Quilt Now with the great three issues for £5 deal. So from the end of August I have that to look forward to. I just missed getting my subscription from the first issue.

Making the bag the other day I realised how short on polyester thread I am, so I may have to go shopping for thread next. I won't rule out the odd fq falling into my basket and then I'd best get stitching up a storm. 


  1. Well, as I am not going either it seems I am very justified in going shopping then. I will have to see what i can find on Friday when I pop out for a few hours.

  2. now this is a great idea .. I may just have to do some retail therapy.. fabric wise I am not going either xx LOVE your choice of fabric and colour xx

  3. :( I'm not going either. Lovely fabric binge to make up for it though! You've picked some of my favourite prints!

  4. There's a theme going on here! I'm not going either, sure everyone who is will have a great time though. Loving those fabrics :)

  5. I am going (sad you are not), but I seem to have pre-ordered quite a lot of fabric too!!!

  6. aahh, a "not going to the retreat" shop... now theres an idea.... lol

  7. Wow, that lot might have paid for the ticket lol

  8. You've acquired quite a lovely selection of new fabric! Hope it makes up for not going to the retreat.

  9. What a great idea and you've chosen some lovely fabric. I'm not going to FQR this year either and I might be tempted to follow your lead.

  10. I'm not going either- should I take your lead and get myself a stitch in the ditch machine foot to cheer me up do you think?

  11. Gorgeous fabric! I hope you have a lovely weekend, even though you're not at FQR!


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