Friday, 4 July 2014

Sugared Almonds - A St Louis 16 Patch Finish-A-long Q2

I've been bursting to show you this quilt for months. It's been so hard keeping it under wraps until it was safely in the hands of the friend I made it for. For various reasons I couldn't hand it over before my friends birthday. Doubly frustrating as I rushed to get it finished for when we thought we'd be meeting up a good few weeks before said ladies birthday. It was a super speedy make and as a result there are a few niggly puckers in the backing. They are a lot less noticeable (I hope) since the quilt has been washed. And as it was on my Finish-Along-List I have to blog it now...despite the fact it's still not been handed over!

A friend of mine had expressed an interest in my making her a quilt. (As quite a few friends do!)  I don't do custom orders. It's too much pressure and realistically  how many people truly appreciate the cost in materials let alone the cost of a persons time making something like a quilt? So as this friend had a big birthday this year I decided I'd make her a lap quilt. I had two challenges: 1) what quilt could I make and guarantee to finish in time 2) I was heavily into the fabric fast and determined to shop my stash and not buy fabric for this project.

I decided to try the St Louis 16 Patch which was one of last years trends that sort of passed me by when I wasn't sewing much.  I pulled these 12 fat quarters, ironed them and got cutting.

I'm thinking st louis 16 patch lap sized for a birthday gift?

If you'd have asked me if I had this fabric colour scheme in my stash I'd have doubted it, so it was refreshing to pull a combination that I'd not normally have thought of for this project. The recipient had already expressed a liking for one of the fabrics and she loves to read so the book fabric was a must.

I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I used some of the famous Ikea numbers fabric. It is the perfect quilt back. The binding is some Kona Camelia fabric I had in my stash.

St Louis 16 Patch Lap Quilt

St Louis 16 Patch Lap Quilt

My original finish along list for quarter two is here. As you can see I've only actually managed to get one item finished! To be fair I did finish something that was on Q1 list. The lesson I've learnt is that maybe I should be one of those people that do a huge list for Q3 in the hope that if I get distracted by the few items I want to get finished; I will in fact finish more than one project a quarter! 

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  1. It's absolutely gorgeous, Jan! I love your colour choices.

  2. So pretty, absolutely love those colours!

  3. I've just finished a 16 patch quilt for my sister. I love the colours in yours

  4. Wow this is a beautiful quilt, I love those colours, and would not have anything like that in my stash x

  5. Beautiful quilt, I absolutely love those fabrics. Lucky friend :)

  6. Looks great! And still 1 finish more than me ;o)


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