Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Big Stitch Swap - Received

I am such a lucky girl because today when I came home from work I had some great mail waiting for me. It was my goodies from The Big Stitch Swap, made by the lovely: Yeechi who nailed my tastes and likes perfectly. I had secretly been hoping for some kind of project pouch and well with birds and plants and lovely embroidered text it couldn't have been any more perfect!

Lovelies received in Big Stitch Swap!
Perfect goodies!

Lovelies received in Big Stitch Swap! 
Opens out nice and wide and there's plenty of storage space inside for projects!

Lovelies received in Big Stitch Swap! 
Gorgeous leaf design.

Lovelies received in Big Stitch Swap!
Lovely scraps and great embroidered words

So that's me finished in the first round of The Big Stitch Swap. I'd definitely play along again if there was another round. Thanks to Sarah and Cindy for being such great swap Mamas. 


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