Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Three Happy Things

I had a whole week off work to spend with Chief last week. It was the most time we'd spent in one go together in the last 7 years. The only thing to take the shine off our time together was illness - mine at the start of the week and his at the end; when he was totally exhausted from all the driving. But we made the most of out time together and the hardest part is finding the words and limiting the pictures to blog about it. So I'm restricting myself to just 3 happy things to share with you. (Although there are loads more pictures over on flickr.)

So here in no particular order are three happy things from our three day trip to Yorkshire.

1. Bempton Cliffs - No break away with Chief is going to be complete without some birds. He has two passions in life - his football team and birds. If he plans any trip it will have to include birds. I'd never been to Bempton Cliffs or seen the gannets. It wasn't the best time of year to go as birds like Puffins, Razor bills and Kittiwakes are long gone. But the gannets were pretty amazing.

Gannet at Bempton Cliffs

2. Seals at Greatham Creek, Seal Sands. Whenever Chief has been to see the seals I always comment on how I've never seen seals in the wild. So on Tuesday when we checked out he told me to get my camera ready because we'd not be making the four hour journey home quite yet. He detoured to see if the tide was out and the seals were basking. That detour also took in lots of other local highlights so that I got the most out of our trip north.

Seals at Seal Sands

3. Bird Island - We both had tombola birthday's this year (ones that end in a 0 or 5) and to my mind this is a cause for celebration. Although to be fair I can use anything as an excuse for a celebration! So when a special hotel up North happened to have two luxury rooms available and one of them was called Bird Island it was a no brainer that we'd blow our trip budget on one fabulous night. Not disappointed. Our own in room sauna and private hot tub.

Bird Island
The bed was so comfy I wanted to take it home. Especially the peacock

Private Sauna
In room sauna just for us.

Bird Island Private Hot Tub
Our own private hot tub. It got a lot of use and was really
rather romantic being in this at night looking for stars.

But now normal life returns and I'm trying to find time and inclination to get on with some sewing. 


  1. Looks like you had a great trip despite the illnesses.

  2. Glad that you had a wonderful time. The bedroom looks amazing. x

  3. looks like a lovely time. Happy 30th (?) birthday! A romantic break is always wonderful.

  4. Damnit, hate when that real life thing catches up with you again! Glad you had a fab time though :o)

  5. I hope you got to see the transporter bridge (even though you couldn't cross the river on it!), Newport bridge (my grandad was a riveter on it!) and Roseberry Topping!! Did you also get a lemon top?!


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