Sunday, 12 October 2014

Another weekend bites the dust.

Thank you for all your comments and emails regarding my last but one post. I feel much better about blogging when I feel like it and more importantly about anything I like. Your continued support and friendship towards me is much appreciated.

Even though time has been lacking for sewing I have managed to go back to this:

Quilting continues x 
Hand quilting of my hipbee quilt.

It has spent the warm weather hung over the back of a chair in the living room, waiting for me to get back to it. Hand quilting a thick quilt in the summer months did not appeal. But now the weather has turned and I started to do my final quarter finish-a-long list, I was reminded of this quilt and have started quilting it. I've been at this over the past few days and have my sore fingers as testament to how much stitching I've done. I am on the very final stretch of the hand quilting bit. We'll not look at the back.

I will raid my Denyse Schmidt fabrics to make a scrappy binding. All the fabric apart from the solid and backing are Denyse Schmidt fabrics.

Like my one other bee quilt, this will be a quilt to treasure. Not in a prissy lets-put-it-behind-glass-and-never-use-it sort of way.  I want to be able to snuggle under quilts like this and remember my time in the hipbee's. The only bee I've been in and completed a cycle. I want to remember the friends old and new I made whilst in this bee.

This is not all I've been doing this weekend. Apart from the ongoing chores which never seem to end. I made some cupcakes.


Then after a delicious Sunday lunch Mum and I popped over to Waterperry's Apple Weekend. I think I went to one of these events many years ago. I've always wanted to go back. Mum has a cold so I didn't want to drag her around too much. We did a couple of circuits of the glass house where they had the apples displayed, as well as lots of tempting foody and countryside goodies to purchase. 

Apple Weekend at Waterperry Gardens

Apple Weekend at Waterperry Gardens

We had just gone outside to find there was a group of Morris Men about to entertain us. 

Morris Men Dancing

We watched them do a couple of dances and then headed off to have a wander in the shopping areas before heading for home. 

Now I'm craving a cheese sandwich with some of the apple and pear chutney I bought today; so that's what I'm off to go and get.


  1. Enjoy your hand-quilting, and chutney xxx

  2. Ooh, chutney!! Nom. I made pear and tomato a few years ago when we had a pear tree. Think I still have a couple jars somewhere...*rummages*

  3. You sound nicely content. This is good.

  4. Don't get the chutney on the quilt ;o)

  5. Looks like lots of fun. Enjoy your quilting time. x

  6. that looks like a lovely day, you are lucky round Oxfordshire, we always found there was loads going on to see and do and nice pubs for lunch.

  7. I hope there are many more weekends of hand quilting and film watching!


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