Thursday, 9 October 2014

Q4 Finish-A-long: It's a biggie of a list!

I actually did more finishes off my list last quarter than I had in the previous two quarters! But there are still more things on the list that need finishing and part of my new decluttering/simplifying life regime means it would be far better to get finished some half started projects rather than keep starting new ones. So I'm going to put as many things as I can on this list and we'll see how well I do. I'm not ruling out Katy coming to kick my butt if I don't finish at least one project. It's not like she doesn't know where I live.

First up:

Yes, the camera cushions have not been made for the hide. Chief will be out of the army and perhaps no where near the hide they're supposed to be for if I don't do more than this!


The hexies I have made into a panel but not made into the cushion I thought they'd be mighty nice as.

Just a few bits to sew. But should I go bigger or sash what I've done so far?

Hipbee blocks - I didn't touch them as it was too hot in the last quarter to sit with a quilt on my lap and hand quilt. I really really want to get this finished as it wouldn't take that much more work and I'd so love to get it quilted and then bound.

Quilting is hard on the fingers as klona seams are quite stiff. Loving how it looks #hipbees

These just need hemming. I even have a blog post half written about their making.  Now the weather has turned it would be useful to be able to wear these!


I have this half started somewhere. It's supposed to be a cross pillow cover - I've started sewing some of the crosses together and that's all!

Happy Go Lucky - cut up and ready one day to become a cushion cover!

And talking of cushion covers I have this EPP started but not finished.

Bank Holiday Monday

And this was intended to become a cushion.  I made the panel and fused with fusible fleece and pretty much did very little else with it.


Oh and there is this panel that I created to do the kantha style quilting on it at last years FQR only I didn't make it to that table top session. (too exhausted.) I started quilting on my own with a view to making a cushion or mini quilt and didn't get any further.

What I'd intended doing on Sunday at the FQR

I decided to make a lap quilt out of my vintage sheets as a present. Can't say much more obviously. But having started to cut charms I began to wonder if my love of just doing vintage sheet quilts in squares was a bit boring so stopped. But I need to get my act together as Christmas is coming.


I bought these Oakshotts at FQR2013 because I liked them. Then I hit upon an idea to make myself a Christmas table runner. Involving dresden blades and matchstick quilting. I bought Aurifil from Cindy and didn't do any more. (Need to find my dresden ruler too.)


Oh and I had a panel and some Christmas fabric with co-ordinating kona to make some Christmas table mats. I cut up some of the panel and didn't do anything else. I actually need to find that. Can't find a picture of it. So maybe it doesn't count for the link up?

Still I have enough else on the list as it is!

Linking up with Katy for the last time this year: 

Finish Along 2014


  1. Wow, that's some list! Go for it

  2. Don't know whether to laugh or cry for you. Off you go. You have a bit of sewing to do!

  3. Goodness me! You have plenty on that list! happy sewing!

  4. That is a massive list...good luck with the finishes :)

  5. I'm glad you're playing along again :)

  6. I love every single one of your unfinished projects! I'll be watching with interest. Oh, and I don't think vintage sheet quilts in squares is ever boring!

  7. Get cracking then! Hope you get them all done!

  8. Looking good. We all have wips. Yesterday I started to work on a cross stitch design for my daughter that I haven't touched in years, I began it for her nursery (it is Winnie the Pooh) and now I am hoping to finish it into a cushion for her 18th birthday on Boxing day. x

  9. See you've found your mojo again then ;o) Good luck!

  10. Here's to a ridiculous list! Good luck!

  11. Don't listen to them (above) this list is totally doable - now shift it ;0)


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