Thursday, 23 October 2014

When Life Gets In the Way

So much has happened since I last blogged. I can't even remember half of it. I've had car trouble when a spring broke thanks to the rubbish condition of the roads - or at least that's what the garage told me. They said they used to do 5 a year now it's more like that a month. It meant being without my car over night and walking to work and changing plans due to lack of transport.

Then Chief couldn't get down last Sunday as planned. He's got a frozen shoulder and sometimes it plays up really badly. On this occasion he was struggling to even get dressed and in the process of trying to compensate for what he couldn't do he managed to hurt his back. Never rains but it pours. There was however a silver lining as suddenly faced with a whole day to myself, I could make binding and finish my hipbee's quilt.

#hipbees a finished quilt. Better pics when I can get outside and it's not blowibg a gale

I went for a scrappy Denyse Schmidt fabric binding to match the scrappiness of the quilt. The weather has either been too dull, wet or windy for me to do a proper photo shoot. But I will do as this lovely quilt deserves a dedicated blog post.

I also found time to read and bake on Sunday too.

Rock cakes. Hope they taste better than they look. Mix was a tad wet
rock cakes

Then I picked my Mum up after work on Monday and she announced bro was coming up to decorate the next day. Could I clear out the bathroom, hallway and wash the walls down? I managed to get it all done.  Although I didn't do a very good job of the washing down bit. If bro thought it was rubbish he didn't comment!

And so it begins
only snap I took of the clearing out in progress.

There was a bit of drama when I found an issue thanks to ongoing damp problems. I have to pretty much face that despite doing all I can to hold back the damp in our little cottage, I'll never eradicate it. 

The hall has changed from blue to a white shade. It's made it lighter and brighter. 

My hallway used to be blue

Not sure when bro will be finished. This phase is just bathroom and hallway. I have treated myself to new towels as I was bored with spending money on worn out things (car/boiler/paint.) 

So there has been no time for further sewing (I can't get to my sewing equipment/fabric.) But having finished one item on my Quarter 4 Finish-A-Long list I'm keen to get cracking on the rest.


  1. Would you mind sharing your recipe for rock cakes? I loved them in the UK and haven't found them here.

  2. Can't ait to see your quilt. The mess will be over soon (I hope) xxx

  3. I think the quilt looks lovely and I *wish* I had a brother who would come and paint. I won't even let my husband do it now after the last attempt where he decided not to bother with masking tape! :-O

  4. Remember the mantra - it will be worth it in the end! And I love new towels. It's a bit like a new duvet cover, innit? I cannae wait to see your Hipbees quilt either!

  5. I'm with you on the road conditions, I actually have bent wheels(!) which has lead to uneven wear on all four of my tyres in under a year and they all need replacing and somehow straightening and that can only be due to the horrific pot holes on the country roads. I scraped through the MOT but I'll have to find the cash to fix it all before we get any snow.

  6. My garage told me when my spring broke on the C3 it was because of the roads. Oddly, in the 6 years since I haven't had another one go, so I'm suspecting actually, it was just a bit old ;o)


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