Sunday, 30 November 2014

Generating scraps

In my last post I mentioned wanting to at last get on with a scrappy trip along the world. Despite having a whole bundle of strips already cut it was clear they weren't going to get me very far. I then remembered I'd saved the offcuts from a 16 patch quilt I made earlier in the year with the very purpose of using them in a scrappy trip. But again they weren't going to yield many. So I did what any normal person would do...

...I started another 16 patch quilt so I could have the left overs for my scrappy trip!

2 more blocks and I have a quilt top and 20 less fqs in my stash!

Two more blocks and I'll have enough for a quilt top (unless I decide to go larger.) I have raided my stash for fat quarters and half yards that have birds on them and weren't too girly because this is going to be a Christmas present. No idea what I'll back it with. And no more reveals of this until it's made and with the recipient.

Just for now I'm enjoying sewing and making. It's beyond liberating using precious fabrics in my stash that I was hoarding for the perfect project. It turns out this is the perfect project. My stash is now 20FQ's worth of fabric smaller. Not for long. I may have bought a few FQ's in the Black Friday sales. 


  1. I always think it's fun going through stash, I really don't do it enough!

  2. But that is the point.... when you use some up, you can buy some more. :) I love the paint by numbers and blue block.

  3. I love your fabrics and can't wait to see the finished quilt!

  4. As Janet says- it's a reason to buy more if you get into that stash :D I've just done it myself and it's great knowing my Black Friday purchases are justified!


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