Friday, 28 November 2014

Sewing to Soothe the Stress

Most of this week there has been that feeling of stress running like a backing track to my life. It started on Sunday night with a horrid email and gained momentum by mid week when my attempts to reduce Christmas shopping stress by doing it online completely backfired. First off there was a parcel the courier had claimed had been delivered but hadn't. The company concerned said I'd have to pay for a replacement while they looked into it. I said: Or you could just send me one given it's not my fault your courier didn't deliver the goods.

There was a parcel from Debenhams so inadequately wrapped that it was smashed on arrival. I mean really do they think shoving something packaged in a flimsy box into a plastic bag is sufficient packaging? And Debenhams have woefully poor customer service. You're supposed to go to the trouble of returning the goods and have to reorder and pay again for delivery and keep your fingers crossed someone will pack them sufficiently the next time. Oh and of course pay again for the goods even though you'll have to wait several weeks for them to process the refund for the damaged goods. Heaven forbid you want to communicate with a real person. My request was met with an email of the standard How-to-return-goods-for-idiots.

And talking of insufficient packaging: Lush the toiletries company have taken to sending their products naked. It's not clear on the website and I'd not ordered for a while. But when my niece put a few items from Lush on her Christmas list and I wasn't near a shop I resorted to mail order. The naked packing policy now means if you order bath bombs or massage bars they come in no kind of wrapping. Just dumped in a box with lots of spongy chippings. It means they are completely exposed to cold and damp in transit, totally unsuitable for any kind of gift giving and even if they do arrive in a usable state; are unlikely to last very long.

Then there was some issues that caused stress at work and that general feeling that for some people even 110% will not be appreciated. Just the expectation that really you should have been providing 120% and even that will be found wanting.

Of course the week was not all bad. Maybe that's why the stress feeling has been like back ground noise and not full on in your face pump up the volume noise.

I got to spend time with my niece and we had a fun couple of hours pouring over catalogues and the Internet to write our Christmas wish lists.

I also had a day off work and got to spend most of it with Chief.  We even managed to get substantial discounts off of our lunch out due to various discount vouchers.

Chief also brought me down his headboard. He's long complained of my lack of headboard. (Long boring story as to why I don't have one.) Chief is getting ready for the time to come when he'll move out of his room and will have no need of the head board. It was thinking about the possibilities for covering this that made me want to sew again. Although interestingly sewing has started on a quilt not some kind of headboard covering.

I have finally decided to do something with these strips I put to one side ages ago.

Sewing to soothe the stress

I'd forgotten just how gorgeous some of the strips are and have started sewing them together to make my very own scrappy trip around the world quilt. Ok so I'm only a couple of years behind the bandwagon. But I'd really like a cheery bed quilt to get me through winter. If the stress continues I think I'll need to retreat under some scrappy fabric goodness!


  1. Life is just rubbish sometimes, isn't it. My only suggestions are fabric and chocolate, having a hide under the duvet day is sometimes necessary too. x

  2. Hope this week is better! Even if you buy in the shop in Lush it goes in a paper bag, so no protection from the elephants there either (I inevitably end up shopping there in the rain) but the bombs still bomb okay.

  3. This week will be better! I also want to do a scrappy trip around the world quilt, but I haven't set aside any fabrics for it yet. ;-)

  4. This time of year is notorious for being crappy and stressful, hope everyone else gets their sh*t together soon!

  5. it's the couriers who deliver the wrong day, "in case you were in" that get me and then tell you have had two of their three delivery goes before said parcel goes back to the sender. I ordered a tin of tea bags and paid £5 delivery and the tin is bashed, don't care any more, I'm keeping it!

  6. Some weeks are just so hard. Glad you found some bright spots in spite of that!


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