Friday, 30 January 2015

10 Things: Week 4

It seems the only blogging I'm managing at the moment are these 10 things posts!  At least I'm keeping this up though.

1. Read: I've charged the kindle up and am reading the first in the 'Wire in the Blood' series of books by Val McDermid. Several people have recommended these thrillers to me and I did watch the TV series. I'm starting off with The Mermaids Singing.  I've only read a chapter so can't really tell you much about how I'm finding it.

2. Made: I haven't done any stitching since last week. I've had a bit of a cold and life has just got in the way. But I want to get back to that head board cover and I have some plans for some sitting-on-the-sofa projects.

3. Watched: I've not watched much TV this week. Well not all the way through. But later on I intend watching The Muskateers, which is on series two and every bit as swashbuckling as you'd expect.

4. Worn: So I've been doing this for four weeks now and not managed to come up with anything. I may have to change this category or get my act together.

5. Eaten: Birthday cake. I bought one in Asda just before my birthday then we didn't eat it. My niece came around after school and we did the cake/candles/happy birthday singing.

Continuing the celebrations 

6. Visited/seen: Again I need to get out and about. Although this week I did go to a funeral and the wake. It wasn't photo worthy though.

7. Recommended: Blurb Books for self publishing. I know I've gone on about this before, but I've just got my 2014 Blurb book published. I sent it for printing on Sunday and it arrived today. That was using standard delivery. No mean feat considering it was shipped from Europe.  Mum said earlier that when I'm an old lady I can sit under a quilt and read my year books and remember the 'good old days'. She knows me so well.

I <3 Blurb books! 

8. Stash: In: a lovely pile of Leanne Fanny scraps. I'd not seen her fabrics in the flesh before. They are even more beautiful that the instagram pictures would lead you to believe. I was probably tempted by them because of the birdie print poking out of some of the packs. Ironically I didn't get one in my pack. I can see I'll be buying more of her fabrics if the chance arises. Out: 0 - yes must try harder to dent that stash!

Hand printed. 
The colours and designs are so bright and vibrant. They remind me of India and hot 

9. Birds: The list is up to 26! and that's without going out birdwatching. I'm happy with that.

10. And finally: Um whilst on sick leave Chief has bought a camper style van. I've seen pictures on flickr because I made him post some.  The snow up north and his continued ill health means he's unlikely to make it down this weekend as hoped.  It's a VW T4 and has a small kitchen, shower/toilet and even a little TV. I'm not sure I'd have given up my car to have this instead, but it's been Chiefs dream for a while. It could be fun. As long as we can still have nice hotel breaks and eat out at nice places (He's stocked up on pot noodle!) Anyway, I'll need to make a quilt now because Chief has one and I don't and of course I'll need a new one just for trips out in the van won't I?


  1. Those vans do look cute but I have say that I would prefer to be in a hotel, they would be fun for a day out and a picnic though. x

  2. Happiest of belated birthdays to you. So sorry you've been sick.

  3. Gorgeous fabrics, the van might need curtains too, get stitching lady!

  4. Well, those camper vans have a huge fan club- and they are not being made any longer, I believe. So enjoy it and then enjoy the hotel luxury all the more, by comparison!

  5. Another fun list!!
    Those campers are awesome,especially mixing it up with hotel stays...😀

  6. A camper van? Oh my! I hope that for every night you spend in the van you have a night in a hotel!! Hope the cold has gone now!


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