Friday, 16 January 2015

Week 2: Ten Things

So here I am for a second week!

1. Read: Alys, Always by Harriet Lane.  A book in a package of Christmas goodies from a friend I made through Bookcrossing.

First book started in 2015

If you enjoyed Notes on Scandal by Zoe Heller, then I think you may well enjoy this.

2. Made: I managed to finish another cushion! Everything was shopped from stash and it was great to see those hexies I won in Sarah's give away finally stitched together and into a completed cushion cover. I am hoping to do a proper blog post about this cushion and the one I made last week.

Hexie cushion 

3. Watched: Series 2 of BroadChurch  I hadn't seen all of series one as despite starting watching it I was then out quite a lot on the nights it was on and never got around to catching up with watching it online. Once I'd missed several episodes I sort of gave up. It had such cracking reviews that I knew I had to see what series 2 was going to be like. Two episodes in and Mum and I are hooked.

4. Worn: Oh dear miserable fail to have anything interesting to report. I will file this into the category of 'must try harder' and then one week I hope to amaze you with lots?!

5. Eaten: I have to say I'm the sort of person that struggles with my appetite if I'm under repeated stress. These last few weeks have certainly been stressful. I've lost weight. I'm seeing that as a bonus. Faced with this lovely creme brulee even that couldn't tempt me to eat all of it.


6. Seen/Visited: The weather has been pretty rubbish and whilst I have done more than just go to and from work. I've not done anything remotely worthy of putting in this section of ten things. Again: Must-Try-Harder.

7. Recommended: Cheap Asda flowers. My local supermarket is an Asda and that's the place I most often buy flowers when I treat myself. For £3.00 (sometimes a few pennies less.) you can get lovely bunches of flowers such as these bright red tulips. 7 days after I bought these as tight buds, they're still going strong. And at £3 who can't afford the occasional bunch?

red and green

8. Stash: In  1.5 yards     Out: 3/4 yard (Plus more wadding and sheeting scraps.) OK so I bought fabric. It was only because I won the choice of three bag patterns last week in the FAL give away and whilst I haven't technically got my prize yet, I know which bag I want to make first and I needed some fabric suitable as a bag lining. In my defence it was on sale big time. I regret not going even madder in the sale and buying enough to back quilts and the like!

9. Birds: The gales have blown my Mum's bird feeding station over twice smashing some of it the second time so I've not been attracting any new birds to the garden.  I've only managed to add house sparrows onto my bird list this week. Unsurprisingly Chief's list is now over 60.

10. And Finally: Chief is still off work poorly. We've not had our Christmas. And can you believe I've been a very good girl and not even peeked at one present that's waiting for me to open from him. (He brought them down before Christmas so they'd be here ready when he did get down.) I need a medal for will power. Unless it's for not buying fabric. Then I have little will power once the pretties call!


  1. This is a great idea, Jan! I started something similar years ago and have completely forgotten about it. Oops. Love the cushion especially!!

  2. Lots of accomplishments! I like the quilting ones best of course :) Sad to hear that Chief is still poorly - I hope the bird count makes him happy.

  3. All sounds good to e. I particularly like to get ideas on new books to read. Are you on

  4. The Harriet Lane book is on my list to read. I'm just finishing Juliet by Anne Fortier, it is still rubbish! Hope Chief continues to make a good recovery. x

  5. This is a fun idea! I am not disciplined enough to do but wish I was! Sorry your guy is still not well.

  6. I'd have totally opened those presents already :S Hope your week is less stressy this week.

  7. I've just added the book to my wish list - thanks for the recommendation! Love the cushion! Hope this week is entirely stress free and that Chief is completely better very, very soon x


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