Friday, 23 January 2015

Week 3: Ten Things

1. Read: I'm reading another book that has crossed my path thanks to Bookcrossing. It's a great book for reading in the bath. It's the story of a couple who after a night out find that one of them is accused of the murder of a nightclub owner. As they've both taken drugs neither can remember much about the night. It's told from three character view points: the female half of the couple, another female character (I won't reveal why I think she's important to the plot.) and the detective who makes the arrest.

Latest read 

2. Made: I sorted through all the low volume charms I've received as part of charm swaps or swaps with friends. I was really brave and decided to just get on and use them and not think I'd save this one or that one for some other project. They were sewn into 9 patches then randomly cut into four and re sewn to create new more improvised blocks. I deliberately wanted something that was liberated and didn't require 100% accuracy. That may shock the quilt police, but I didn't worry about cutting accurately, matching seams or using pins. I just sliced and sewed. 110 odd charms later I'd made a panel large enough to cover the head board. I then basted it with some polyester wadding.  (Yucky! bought for another project many years ago before I knew that cotton was the only way to go - however expensive!) The other project lay unfinished and was too ugly to consider finishing; so I unbasted it and decided to also repurpose the sheet I'd used as backing. I've started quilting it in wonky straight lines. Randomly placed of course. Everything about this is a make-it-up-as-you-go break-all-the-rules kind of make. It's felt incredibly liberating. The plan is to bind both edges and then fold in half and sew together to create a slip cover that can go over the head board. It can be removed and washed as necessary or replaced easily. I'm hoping the calming low volume colours not only compliment any bed linen I use, but aid a restful nights sleep.

I do need to get some decent pictures of this project!

3. Watched:  I tried to watch Wolf Hall which has been dramatised and is being shown on BBC 2. I've not read the Hilary Mantel books and have no interest in doing so. I was curious about the drama though. Whilst I'm sure it's quality drama it has only managed to reinforce my opinion that the books would so not be my kind of thing. Please don't ask me to tell you what happened in episode one. I haven't a clue. I remember seeing Damien Lewis as Henry VIII. I could have made that up though.

4. Worn does having a new bag for my birthday fit into this category? I ask because I had the most lovely and longed for Orla Kiely bag.

New bag!

5. Eaten & 6. Seen/Visited; For my birthday my family took me out to a recently reopened local(ish) pub. The Fox and Goat. It does your classic pub fair and the pub has been modernised to retain character, but feel modern and up to date. I had a yummy burger and my niece who had Confit of Duck on a bed of Garlic mash with red cabbage said it was better than a similar dish she'd had at a rival esteemed restaurant. I rarely go out with the family for my birthday because it's too difficult to get everyone together mid week. So this was a lovely surprise.

7. Recommended: Well if you're in the locality of the Fox and Goat I may well recommend you go there. Other than that I recommend good birthdays full of lovely swag like this:

Birthday Swag!

8. Stash: In 0 Out: Over 110 5" charm squares, more cotton sheeting and leftover batting.
9. Birds: My list is over 20 now. Chiefs is probably about 1000. Certainly way more than 20!
10. And Finally: This has been the best week of the year so far. Not full of the stress I've come to expect in the last few weeks so I'm hoping that this continues. Sadly Chief is still stuck up north signed off work and not feeling great. No idea when I'll see him. It looks like for once I'll be having Christmas after my birthday!


  1. Glad this week has been better for you :o) Have you heard there's some RSPB bird watch thingy happening? I overheard something about it on the telly or radio the other day (she says, helpfully!) but I thought you guys would like it!

    Glad you had a great birthday, I already know my presents for 2 weeks' time - half a bathroom and a fitness watch!

  2. Thank goodness for a good week - long may the weeks continue to be like that!

  3. Can't wait to see the head board cover! I love unconventional stuff. Glad you had a good week and I love the bag!

  4. Lovely presents. Mine is next week and I am hoping my husband has something planned as it is a large, round number kind of birthday. He usually runs out to the supermarket the night before in a panic. I loved Wolf Hall but it didn't do justice to the book, my 14 year old watch fit with me and said it was the most boring thing he had ever seen. x

  5. The headboard sounds great! Lovely swag and I'm intrigued by that book :)

  6. Added that book to my Goodreads- I'm going to be giving Wolf Hall a go but I'm not sure if it will be my bag or not. I'm pretty sure the books won't be.

    1. once you get used to her style of writing every speech is from "he" which is a little confusing, the books are brilliant

  7. still love your bag, loved reading the Fall and have yet to watch Wolf Hall. I must admit I love the Hilary Mantel books, but then I loved the CJ Sansom books too. Oh, identified my mysterious bird, an oystercatcher. How commonplace, I thought it was something really rare!


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