Friday, 6 February 2015

10 Things: Week 5

1. Read: Despite not finishing the book I started last week (it's on the kindle and I like to have a paperback to read in the bath.) I have finished another book. Again recommended to me by a bookcrossing friend. It's called: Knowing Me by Valerie Blumenthal.  Who is a local-to-me author and that's what made my friend pick up the book in the first place. I have to say I'd probably never have read this book without the recommendation. It had a pretty bland cover and uninspiring back cover blurb. But actually I found once I picked it up I was keen to have more baths so I could get on with reading it. It's about Gnat an almost-fourteen-year-old who finds herself in an adolescent home after an incident that has estranged her from her mother. The story is told largely through Gnats therapy sessions and the therapy sessions of her mother and what unfolds is a poignantly touching story about the difficulties of mother/daughter relationships. I think it would make a great book group choice as despite being a slim volume there is plenty to talk about.

2. Made: After a very unmotivated Saturday I got stitching on Sunday and finished the headboard cover.  I'm really pleased with how this turned out. It's quite a snug fit as I didn't want extra fabric flapping about, so I really hope it never shrinks in the wash. It was great to use up low volume charms I'd been hoarding and also be able to recycle and old sheet and some horrid poly batting in order to make this.

Headboard Cover

3. Watched: Not much TV watching this week. But have spent a fair amount of time looking out the window watching snow fall and then watch it turn to sleet. I'll be glad when spring is here!

4. Worn; I haven't actually worn it yet. But I did get this skirt in Boden's sale. With discounts it was a fraction of it's original price and is embroidered.

New skirt!

5. Eaten: I have of course eaten this week but nothing of note. And despite trying to be a bit more healthy in my choices since Christmas I have eaten a few of these.  Opps


6: Visited/Seen: Snow! Yes, these parts had the first snow to lay since 2013. I don't recall ever going that long without snow and Tuesday morning we woke up to find everywhere covered in the white stuff. I walked to work as it was quicker than trying to drive and more snow was a possibility. It also gave me the chance to take some photos.

Holton in the Snow

Unbelievably a few hours later it had pretty much melted. Leaving little sign we'd had any. 

7. Recommended: Dunelm for bed linen. Of course having made the head board cover I then had to treat myself to some more bed linen. The bedlinen you can just see in the picture above with the new head board cover came from Next about 10 years ago and having been unable to find two different sets I liked I bought two the same and have been using them pretty much ever since! I bought myself a new set last year but decided to wait until I could find another completely different one.  Having really like this birdie set I got from Dunelm, I had been checking in from time to time to see if I could find another one I liked. Unfortunately the only one I'd see was a silver/grey animal print one that could only be collected from store and as I don't live near a store I had to think again.


Then I saw Dunelm advertise they had new bedding in and so I got this one:

New bed linen just arrived.  Got a different set last year and it's made me realise how much I dislike the old set (2 the same) I've had for nearly 10 years.

It's white, grey and yellow and both sides have a very patchworky pattern on it. I'm not normally a yellow person. This screamed spring freshness to me and I thought it would be neutral enough to work with any quilt I cared to add to it too. And the best thing about Dunelm bedding? This double set cost a £16.99 and many double sets only cost £19.99 so certainly value for money.

8. Stash: In: 0 Out: 1 fat quarter.
9. Birds: Bird list has not increased. Chiefs is over 60 and rising. 
10. And Finally: I've decided I need an easy to make single sized quilt for me to take in the camper. Chief will have the quilt I've made him for Christmas and despite him telling me I can't fill it with "girly Sh**" I do feel the opportunity to make myself a quilt is too good to pass up. I don't want to do another 16 patch or scrappy trip so am open to and would welcome your suggestions. 


  1. Hmm, wonder if OH will go halves on Dunelm bed linen, he's very picky and doesn't like anything I pick out but I do like your Skandi one!

  2. I have the Dunelm birdie print bedroom curtains! I've found their own make towels better than any other I've tried including more expensive Christie ones. How about a sampler style quilt for the camper van?

  3. For your campervan quilt you could do a modern version of a disappearing 9 patch. I have seen a suggestion sheet for different random placements of the squares somewhere in the blogosphere which looked very interesting. It would be a fairly quick project especially if you made it with 6 or even 8 inch squares. Love the headboard.

  4. You definitely need a quilt for your camper van, that's not girly s****. Its just practicality and keeping warm and or romantic. Like yourself I have been reading several books this week and finishing none.

  5. Love the headboard!
    I vote just go as girly and bright as you can for the camper-quilt - that'll teach him!

  6. Love the headboard. Turned out beautiful! The bed linen looks great, will go very nice with the headboard.

  7. I really like the headboard, I love the way it is unique and you happily used up your charms as I struggle to cut up some fabric. It depends how quickly you want your quilt to come together, if you want super quick then maybe go for a tumbler design. Of course I am always in favour of a hand sewn hexagon or dresden quilt, but these are time consuming although great for using up scraps. x

  8. No wonder you haven't been seeing birds with all that bloody snow and sleet, any sane one would be in hiding!


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